For 7Search I pass the 3 source variables from 7Search. This report shows you the hours of the day that you got the clicks and what the performance was. On top of that, I also have a quick question regarding your landing pages. If you are bidding for Delta Airline Tickets your ad will be shown if the user types in how to get Delta Airline Tickets and Delta Airline Tickets free but will not be shown if the keyword is interrupted. It does not take a genius to see that all my conversions happened in the afternoon and evenings which makes sense as I was promoting dating offers. In the screenshot below, I have included some offers so we can consider:

Here is an example of what it looks like when you set it up: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the main reasons why many affiliate marketers do not make money online is the lack of insistence. A subid in P is basically a unique identifier for every individual visitor that you send through. Should I use Prosper instead?

Keep up the good work, and I am indeed intrigued with your Facebook Fan Page work! One of the main reasons why many affiliate marketers do not make money online is the lack of insistence.

There are a few things I would do: Did you know I launched an affiliate marketing forum? Should I use Prosper instead? Furthermore, you can see that while 1 got the most leads, it also had way more people sent to it because it was the first lander I built and it cpz solo for a while. Are they more likely to click on my link and submit their emails?


Congrats on getting positive. Simply click Value as shown below.

7search Cpa Case Study

Now, filter those offers by payout. I am building my own Email list. It is a free tracking platform that was built for affiliate marketers and it works extremely well in helping you track the results of everything you do.

7search cpa case study

That is all I have for now. 7seacrh you notice the highlighted keyword in the Delta Airline Tickets offer? I was wondering if all of your Landing pages had an Opt In form or did you have some with and some without when testing….

You will see useful suggestions that can help you make your decision.

Ads Marketing: 7search Cpa Case Study

Well, I know that many successful strategies suggest that you would search for a high converting offer so that you know other affiliates are using 7sezrch and you can use it too. Thanks for taking the time to put together a wonderful article Christian. When it comes to the CPA marketing industry, everything should be tried and tested many times.

Remember, keywords are the real money making opportunities out there! So, what I do is a little different than what other people might tell you to do.

Not that I know of.

7search cpa case study

My name is Christian Little and Luke asked stkdy I would mind putting together this posting for you on how I have been promoting PeerFly offers with 7Search. This case study explains how to choose a good offer from PeerFly and then use that offer to establish a profitable 7Search campaign. Do you use parameters or fixed values?


7search+Peerfly case study

What you want to look for is somebody who sent a lot of clicks but none of them converted, here is an example:. As a recap, here are some of the key areas you can quickly and easily optimize by learning P and using it properly:.

Next I am going to show how to do a few basic optimization tactics using all that click data from P You may even consider spelling mistakes as they are very common. We are all experts only when we believe we are!

7search Cpa Case Study – Marketing Mecca

I do affiliate marketing casually on the side. Here are the stats from 7Search for that period for the campaign: That has to be stopped. Will you approve me on Peerfly? Since I had a successful campaign running, the next trick is to optimize it to make it more profitable and there are several ways to do it.

A subid in P 7ssearch basically a unique identifier for every individual visitor that you send through. You have to call them up and ask them to activate it, but once you get it turned on it can be very useful when you combine it with P