I’ve been hearing some people saying that there will be no more exemptions for first class degree holders. Jordan 24 May at Anonymous 15 April at Overwhelmed with joy and excitement because the efforts I’ve been put in over the 4 years of study life is finally paid off. Get unsecured working capital? I might look fierce but I’m actually a very friendly person. Anonymous 9 May at

Hi Fredrick, the requirement states that application must be done within 1 year after convocation. Learn more about Courses and the requirements, fees and other details. At the left side of the list, click the “Penyata Baki Terperinci” to track your loan details. We can settle everything in one place. Because is already after the 6 months period.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT) – Meen’s ♥

I have a question. After submit the form and all needed documents, you have to wait for 1 weeks for Applivation UMT to process the verification letter.

Because I applied payment hold for diploma loan due continue study, but when I apply exemption for degree after 3 years they asked me to pay my diploma loan outstanding RM7, from time being, total RM20, only they will proceed my application.


Congrats on ur application approval. Anonymous 14 September at I thought it was going to be a difficult aoplication tedious process but it turned out to be really easy.

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

Look at all my stars!! I recently graduated and it feels so good! Your degree loan account will be removed after approved maybe next following year? Yong Lian Hii 16 July, Unknown 31 July at Anonymous 16 October at Do you need finance to expand your business? There are still plenty of scholarships still open for you to apply.

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application letter for ptptn exemption

Hi, I got my 1st class degree but I extended a semester. And yesterday they gave me first warning letter to ask me to pay Rm3k plus as outstanding payment which have to be settled in 30 days So to find out whether you’re eligible or not, you just need to head to their official website and check for EVERY requirement to make letetr you’re qualified.

application letter for ptptn exemption

Show posts by this member only Post 2. PTPTN first class exemption.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

PTPTN will send a letter to your home once you successfully apply for the exemption. This step is for your own tracking in the future. Now they required the signature from the pegawai pendaftar bahagian akademik. Please check your inbox.


application letter for ptptn exemption

Your IVR verification call has been initiated. Great news for fellow students who are interested to work in aapplication aviation industry, especially in piloting! JunKid 19 August, Thanks and Best Regards. Hello,may i know which uni you attended? Show posts by this member only Post 6. The approving process will take up to 2 months.

Financing recipient must submit the complete application within twelve 12 months from the date of the convocation.

Hope this makes it clear: Hi, I don’t have one. The PTPTN loan is by far the most popular option among students who look for financial assistance to held fund their tertiary education.