Do as many timed essays as you can and bring them into school after half term. There is no substitute for practising under test conditions. STEP 6 Traffic light topics red – don’t know it; amber – know it a bit; green – know it well. Login Not a member? Thousands have flocked to the social networking site recently but can it capitalise on its growing popularity?

Using your own case study, evaluate the impact that new and digital media have had on globalisation. How and why is violence so prevalent in modern videogames, and should audiences be better protected from it through censorship? We hope to start publishing them in June. Are you going to put in the effort required and get on with your work independently? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Monday 13th June p3, p4, p5, p6

However, although Youtube seems to offer a platform for diversity and globalisation which cannot studg found in traditional media, how global is it?

Thousands have flocked to the social networking site recently but can it capitalise on its growing popularity? New and digital media has created a big impact on globalisation as my case study on Youtube shows.

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Posted by Macguffin at 5: I have highlighted key areas and labelled why those areas have got marks. STEP 5 Review what you have done.

aqa media studies mest 3 case study

Although the following of Youtube appears to create companionship as Sherry Turkle states with its social network aspect the content of Youtube itself is not that globalised. Despite the success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ why is it that there is still a lack of South Asian actors in Hollywood?


aqa media studies mest 3 case study

This is the most productive approach to revising Frequent Facebook users are hurting their self-esteem. Email required Address never made public. In conclusion, the content of Youtube has contributed greatly to the impact new and digital media has had on globalisation as it combines an element of television with social networking.

AQA A Level Media Studies

Why are video games such as ‘Call of Duty: Do as many timed essays as you can and bring them into school after half term. Clear mention of independent case study. Use this checklist to organise your Media revision: You’ll remember that earlier this year you all contributed to a shared document online where you submitted media theory quotes you’d found when starting your case study research.

How Medi affects you and your relationships: Please bring these in again on Monday for me to check them with any additional revision notes etc. There are, admittedly, a lot of exams taking place over the next few weeks but don’t leave revision to the last minute.

Posted by Macguffin at 4: Finally, don’t forget to attend at the following times, remembering to bring all your notes that should have been organised carefully in your media revision folders! Choose one or more group whom you believe to be inadequately represented in the media.

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To what extent do you think this statement is true? A dominant representation is one which is repeated across the media over time and so are the stusy that it carries. Discuss some examples of the way the group is represented. Studying textual analysis, audiences, genre, narrative, marketing and representation suggests a broad area of work but focussing on key areas of academic study we have everything covered — this includes in depth schemes of work with embedded links, exemplar responses and a range of associated resources including Technical and Symbolic Codes Worksheets for Moving Image, Newspapers and Radio to kick start the topic.


Make sure you refine your research – adding to it over the final few weeks with up-to-the-minute info from sources like MediaGuardianand the new articles that will be posted up here.

Monday, May 30, Theory Quotes. You should refer to other media products to support your answer. Posted by Macguffin at 7: The Youtube stars themselves, although seem to be diverse coming from different backgrounds and cultures, are primarily westernised.

aqa media studies mest 3 case study

Representation How chavs have replaced working class people on Britain’s TV: Posted by Macguffin at 2: You are commenting using your WordPress. Use this to help you revise It has been said that media representations often reflect the social and political concerns of the age in which they are created.