Hotels and resorts for miles around are reserved solid months in advance, but many houses near the festival have spare rooms that families let out. Beauty and Resplendence in Baler Photo Essay: Today, the Ati-Atihan is celebrated as a religious festival. Feasting and festivities followed soon after. Interesting things happened when The Datus welcomed them and gave them Food and drinks to eat, Ati People were very happy due their attitude so they decided to give something in return and make them happy they painted their faces and arms with black color and wear different colorful dresses only to look like them.

Want to read more about Ati-Atihan? The festival consists of tribal dance, music, accompanied by indigenous costumes and weapons, and parade along the street. There are no divisions here. There is so much to be thankful for. Icons of history, pop characters, and political personages dance with Congolese warriors in mock battle with caballeros. Looking for the Prehispanic Filipino The early acceptance of Catholic rituals had much to do with the eventual suppression of the natives’ ritual drinking. Direct air travel to Kalibo from Manila is approximately forty five 45 minutes with twice 2x a day frequency as Kalibo Airport now allows night landing.

Philippine Have 17 Festivals Each for 17 Municipalities.

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The 3 rd day is very important day of the celebration and considered as cheerful and lively day of all the Festival Celebration. See also Dinagyang and Sinulog. The Spanish clergy did not oppose moderate drinking but were able to attack excessive indulgence as a threat to public morality. The Datus obliged and gave them food. Kalibo is the capital of Aklan, Philippine. References in periodicals archive?

The dancers attract tourists from all around at world and these tourists then hit the shore atihxn the sands of a nearby island named Boracay island for parties once the festivities are completed. Every year since then, the Atis came down to the lowland people to ask for some food. Miss Millennial Aklan have a Special Message for The World and his thinking about the Festival It is more than just a festival, more than just the beats of the drums, the dancing of the crowd, and definitely more than just the merry making with family and friends.


A picture is truly worth a words. It is a carnival like festival with the atmosphere of merriment and abandonment interjected with religious rites. A pact between two races and cultures.

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Group criticizes gov’t move shutting down cellphone signals during events. When the Spanish took over the Philippines many centuries ago, they deemed atihn old Malay celebration a form of Pagan worship.

They came down to the lowlands of the Maraynon and asked them food. The name Ati-Atihan means “to be like Atis” or “to make believe Atis”, the local name for the Aeta aborigines who first settled in Panay Island and other parts of the archipelago. Of course, this claim is recounted in various towns along the northeast coast of Panay but through the years, Kalibo has established itself as the Ati-Atihan center.

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DOT to ease tourism burden of Boracay. In Limasawa, Pigafetta drank from the same cup as Rajah Kolambu, and eseay translator, Enrique de Malacca, got so drunk he wasn’t of much use; a few days later, the local harvest was delayed while Kolambu and his brother Awi slept off a hangover.

The dancing never stops. The local people of Panay, the Ati negritosa small and dark black kinky-haired people, atihhan them a small piece of land and permitted them to settle down in the lowlands.


Feasting and festivities followed soon after.

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Direct air travel to Kalibo from Manila is approximately forty five 45 minutes with twice 2x a day frequency as Kalibo Airport now allows night landing. Mostly there are four languages are common in Aklan. It has inspired many other Philippine Festivals including the Sinulog Festival of Cebu and Dinagyang of Iloilo Cityboth adaptations of the Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan Festival, and legally holds the title “The Mother of All Philippine Festivals” in spite of the other two festivals’ claims of the same title.

ati atihan essay

Festival fever grips Visayas. The second day begins at dawn with a rosary procession, which ends with a community mass, and procession.

ati atihan essay

The lowlanders who had a good harvest shared their blessings with the black, kinky-haired people. Although it may be “sacred or profane blended together The ritual dance originates from the Atis.

Ati Atihan festival schedule. There are many hotels in Kalibo for Aklan Ati Atihan Festival but make sure you book your hotel before Festival as in last year hotels are booked and there was no space available for the guests coming out side of the country this cause serious problem to the guests.

Philippine Tourism Center Fifth Ave. Organizers of the event design a good security plan as there will be more than Policemanthere will be Army solders available too for protecting the peoples and intelligence agencies will help to secure this year festival.