They would require Ksh 64, per month as salary. The bill will be paid through the branches of Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Install alarms for security especially against theft. This will cost the business Ksh. The influence of Rahisi Cereals Stores, the market shares will be as following in the charts below. The owner of the business, as a customer would expect and demand good services, provided the same for the customers. The business shall use a direct channel of distribution which will be very short and no middle men shall be involved.

The insurance goes for Ksh. Products and services to be offered: Self-organization of the working place v. Car wash business plan. There will this provision of different qualities and quantities.

It will be done in different ways like: In case of sickness one shall get sick-off.

business plan knec format

This will be possible because when there are good rains in the country, food is cheaply sold therefore the cereals will buy in high qualities and stock for sale when food is scare at a whole sale price to the nearby cereals shop around. Treat each customer with royalty v.

Collecting all legal documents like licenses ii. Technology At start up the business will use the cheapest and most available technology; i. The store will be rented at a cost of Ksh.

business plan knec format

Management Technology The business managers shall perform the following duties i. They will be of pure strain i. Always be positive and enthusiastic iv. Remember me on this computer. The business shall use a direct channel of distribution which will be very short and no middle men shall be involved.



This will provide security of the business money and it earns some interest. At startup the business shall target the slums starting with Mathare North and later go to open a branch in other slums such as Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Dandora and even Muthurwa.

The Business Plan Format. They will be providing both skilled and unskilled labor.

Ensure good ventilation and drainage of the store. Employing highly skilled personnel i. Electricity Electricity formmat be supplied and managed by the Kenya Power and lighting Company. Ombati for guidance and support during the business plan.

The owner will be the overall boss assisted by the deputy manager who will also check on the shortcomings of the enterprise and give solutions in absence of the general manager. Self-organization of the working place v.

The business shall follow the fromat as shown below 1. Health Care Standards Licences. Business rules and regulations Rahisi cereals stores shall have the following rules for the effective customer relations i.

The operator will have discovered the need of the cereal products in the market and they are needed by customers and yet not available in the market.


These technologies will be cheap to purchase, easy to maintain and use effectively. They include those customers in slums owning food kiosks, because most of the customers for food in kiosks are prefer eating from kiosks which is cheaper. Organization Chart At the start up, the business will onec the organization structure style as shown in the chart below: The owner will have had enough time to do market research businesx acquired essential legal documents like licenses.


It will also show location of the business. This will be possible because the owner will have accumulated enough capital, will have acquired enough entrepreneur skills and also will have discovered there is unemployment in Kenya, hence creating employment.

The business is also going to face two competitors namely; Gatitu Cereals Stores and Tumaini Grains stores. Skip to main content. Control your temper, use diplomatic way of approach and know how to solve the problem vii.