There are 40 Idaho medical students total spread out among the 4 years. The Admissions Committee only has access to your current application. I am on the alternate list; can I call and get an update? Many medical students take time off from medical school to engage in more in-depth research, pursue an MPH Master’s in Public Health , or to simply devote personal time towards family. Who determines Idaho residency status? Do you accept electronic transcripts?

If you plan to use the same letter writers, ask them to update their letter including current date and additional experiences if possible. Do I have to complete my required premedical coursework before I can apply? Mathematics course is not required but recommended. Only the most recent MCAT score is considered. With a new curriculum, one of the most modern teaching facilities in the country, and world-class researchers, the University of Utah School of Medicine is one of the nation’s most competitive physician training programs. You may apply before the coursework has been completed; however, completion of premedical coursework must occur prior to matriculation. Interview days usually have a variety of Utah and non-residents from other states.

Do I need a college degree to apply to your medical school? The application fee will not be refundable under any circumstances. Can I make changes to my secondary forms once submitted? List as many worthwhile experiences as you can.


Idaho students coordinate with our Department of Family Medicine to set this up ahead of time. The SVI also includes a timed written response question. Do I have to complete my required coursework before I can apply?

byu premedical coursework

What immunizations do I need before I start medical school? Only the most recent MCAT score is considered.

Coursework | BYU PreMed

Please send your transcripts directly to the School of Medicine Office of Admissions. We have limited funds to help offset lodging and travel in this specific situation.

We will work with your premedical advisor to provide you with the information you need. However, as described above, the earlier a well-qualified applicant applies, the more likely there will be interview space available. What letters of recommendation are required? Application fees are nonrefundable. The experience section of the AMCAS application gives you the opportunity to include 15 significant experiences.

It can be from a professor you researched with or a professor that you worked with as a teaching assistant. Please see the RPIP website for more information.


Students must prrmedical for WICHE funding directly with his or her home state no later than October 15 th of the year prior to beginning medical school. Letters of recommendation will not be reviewed until your secondary application fee has been paid and processed. Please visit tuition and fees for the most current information. For information please visit AAMC background check service.


byu premedical coursework

Yes, but they must be official transcripts. Read the institutional coursweork back to top What if I choose to withdraw from your school after I have accepted your offer?

The degree must be posted on your transcript prior to matriculation. Approximately applicants interview each year.

For Idaho medical students, we do have an agreement where they return to Idaho for their family practice rotation in their 3 rd year of medical school. I have not received notification of my statuswhat should I do?

The state of Idaho has contracted to provide access to ten positions. Interviews begin in September and continue until the end of February.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other opportunities available to Idaho students? This is strongly discouraged. The earlier a well-qualified applica nt submits an application, the greater the probability they will have of being offered an interview and, subsequently, an acceptance offer. Since I have coureework accepted to medical school, I have decided not to complete this degree.

byu premedical coursework

Do you have a dedicated number of positions for Idaho? Montana and Wyoming applicants are considered non-residents, so this total number varies from year to year.