Revisions are necessary but they do not have to be presented in front and checked by all panelists. It should highlight the following: Captions should be Times New Roman 9-point bold. The right and left margins should be 1. Text must be justified on both sides.

Contents of Spine should include the following: Text, tables and figures must be presented in black ink only. Arabic numerals are used. A tentative date for the oral defense may be set on the mutual consent of all involved. The first stage is the proposal defense and the second being the final oral defense. Recommends the team for proposal and final oral presentation It is assumed that the project has been evaluated in terms of readiness and completeness. Faculty advisers should handle at most 7 group advisees at one term.

capstone project guidelines ched

For Information Technology capstone projects, the recommended infrastructure and its implications on other systems should be clearly specified in the final report with the introduction of the project.

The depth of IT lies in its breadth: All materials following the Table of contents are listed. For Information Technology the following areas are suggested: Proprietary information may not be cited. Subsequent Pages For pages other than the first pronect, start at the top of the page, and continue in double-column format.

Maintain regular at least twice a month contact with their adviser to report the progress of their work, as well as raise any issues or concerns.

The student s prokect consultation with the Department Chairman shall choose an adviser from the College Pool of Faculty. The two columns on the last page should be as close to equal length as possible.


Association football governing bodies. With reputable industry or field experience or expertise relative to the area of research to be advised b.

If used, make it brief and centered in one page. The adviser shall ensure the quality of the capstone project manuscript produced by the project proponent s by seeing to it that herein guidelines are adhered to. The goal is to have a 9-point text, as you see here. All figures must be placed immediately after the page where a particular figure number is mentioned.

Student must reapply for another Hearing Notice Form from the Center for Research if the Oral Defense is scheduled after the semester ends. It is more than an annotated bibliography or a summary, because you are organizing and presenting your sources in terms of their overall relationship to your study.

Through this course, xhed are prepared in their respective careers. Photographic illustrations to be used in the document must with original photographs or high quality reproductions.

Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

Subheadings are recommended for discussions that are substantially long. Principles and methods for conducting this analysis are needed for successful IT practice. The right and left margins should be 1. It examines articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work.

Saturno Adviser March, the batch month and year Appendix I. If a table or figure is on more than one page, the first cpastone is the one listed on the List of Tables or the List of Figures. In addition, common terms that have special meaning in fhed study should be defined in this section.


capstone project guidelines ched

Introduction The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology BSIT program prepares students to be IT professionals, be well versed on application installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration, and familiar with hardware installation, operation, and maintenance. Printing must be done in ink jet or laser printers. Conventional waterfall type, Incremental, Throw-away, prototyping, Evolutionary prototyping and any other model which is most appropriate to the kind of research project being undertaken.

Single-space should be used in tables with more than ten 10 rows, quotations with more than ten 10line captions with more than ten 10line captions with more than 2 lines and bibliographic entries. The position of the page number is not altered by horizontal or vertical placement of the Table or Figure.

Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

Who will benefit from prkject study? Licensed software- Criteria for selection ,i. If you think the game concept is applicable to multiple platforms, you should also indicate which platform is preferred or initial.

capstone project guidelines ched

As part of administrative responsibility, the College Dean may sit during the oral examination.