We delivered concrete results and findings on one of the most challenging but at the same time promising oil regions in the world. Political Risk Assessment using Scenario Analysis. United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office. For more information about Capstone Workshops, please contact Suzanne Hollmann, Director of the Capstone Program, at or suzanne. Like any project, there will be periods of high levels of work and periods where there will be less work required as the team moves through the work-plan and approaches deadlines for deliverables.

But for these students, perhaps the most exciting part of the end of SIPA is the completing the Capstone workshop. Working through almost projects in the last 30 years, you can get a front-row seat to the most recent batch of projects. Serving the Public Good: Memorial Day Office Closed. We get a lot of questions about what a typical Capstone workshop looks like at SIPA, which is difficult to answer succinctly because of the breadth of clients and workshops. Additional Interaction can be in person or via conference call. Transparency, Governance and Natural Resources.

Recent Posts Life as a Program Assistant: It is the final requirement for graduation, and is meant to offer real world experience to complement the theories studied in the classroom.

Measuring Digital Transformation in Brazil. Business Development Bank of Canada.

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Our alumni network of Rangel Fellows has accomplished amazing things, and we hold them in high regard. Each team will be notified at the outset of their Capstone workshop as to the funding available for their team. They are are able to expand their networks, build their resumes, and get a sense of the kind of work we would like sip do upon graduation. United Nations Capital Development Fund. Because the success of the Capstone workshop is reliant on the full participation of each member of the team, failure to meet the above criteria may result in dismissal from the project and the receipt of a failing grade for the workshop.


The Weaponization of Investment Restrictions. From Compact, to Guidelines, to Action.

Capstone Workshops – Current

The collaboration between SIPA students and the organizations benefits both parties. Staten Island Needs Assessment: Students who are in their first year or who would like to take the project as an elective are asked to wait for the second application to apply.

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Recently graduated, Gabriel is joining Concordia in New York City as a Partnership Development Manager, working with key partners, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to foster and strengthen public-private partnerships for social impact. A small number of fall workshop are available for graduating fall students. It is important to select all 5 of your workshops carefully during the application process. United States Department of State.

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Recent Posts Life as a Program Assistant: What is the timing for Capstone projects? Last Monday, on my final day of class, I received a surprise call from my sister, who informed me that Stephen Colbert had just quoted my work on The Late Show.

What are the percentages of students placed in their preferred Capstone workshops based on their application rankings? Once placed on a Capstone team, students will automatically by registered for the workshop. Kristina EberbachBenedict Fleming. You are here Home Academics Capstone Workshops. Any report or presentation that is not considered to be up to SIPA’s standard will not be presented to the client.


United States Mission prject the United Nations.

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Translating Gross National Happiness into Practice: Meeting with the client outside of class; Conducting field work; Working out the logistics of the project with clients; Routine group discussions outside of the arranged classtime; The preparation and presentation of professional, high-quality report and final presentation that is representative of SIPA.

How to Develop a Oroject Technology Ecosystem?

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Kristina EberbachBenedict Fleming. Municipality of Santiago, Chile.

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Transparency, Governance and Natural Resources. Archive for Capstone Workshop. We seek to partner with organizations that can offer a project that is timely, but not urgent, which can be completed within a four-month period, that is of value both to the organization itself and to the learning experience of students—and produces actionable recommendations, which ideally will be utilized by the client within the near future.

Students who miss more than 2 unexcused classes may be dismissed from the project and will receive a failing grade for the workshop. International Confederation of Midwives.