The app itself will be a chrome extension. One part relates to the engineering design process, where students need to explicitly show the iterative open-ended process that they followed, with convincing justifications for all design decisions. In fact, talent acquisition leaders generally agree that screening resumes is the hardest part of recruitment. This project will explore a domain-specific language based solution. The final part relates to communication skills.

Best of all, the program is integrated with our co-operative education program so students receive academic credit for their entrepreneurship efforts. The app itself will be a chrome extension. ThrU View Vein Finder Sophie Laviolette, Tristan Kuehn, Donovan Maudsley, Joey Duffy, Jack Gunn Venepuncture, the process by which a needle is inserted into a vein to draw blood or give medicine intravenously, is one of the most common medical procedures performed each day. Protocol Builder users can push protocols to an MDS instance, where they can be organized into protocol groups that are periodically pulled by Sana Mobile. Students receive funding to purchase equipment based on the quality of their project proposal and their financial need. The project focuses on the use of image processing to detect imperfections in stitching in the automotive industry.

Best of all, the program is integrated with our co-operative education program so students receive academic credit for their entrepreneurship efforts.

2019 Projects

We will deliver a robust solution with an emphasis on physical treatment methods and feasible operation. Tools such as Yelp and Google Maps have drastically optimized the way that people get connected with great experiences, but we believe there is still much room for improvement.

The location of the tumors, accounting for possible warping and displacement, must be uwarerloo determined during the surgery.

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The team has designed a pile retrofit uwatterloo protect the building from further displacement and thereby prevent future structural issues from the cracking the displacement causes. After this step is complete, our system performs post-processing to generate second-order polynomial representations for each lane line.


Detailed rubrics and marking schemes are provided to the students. One clear advantage that our platform offers over other solutions such as a Reddit thread is that our platform offers annotations. We expect Batter Up to be installed by a number of users that regularly engages with the app and notifications, which would indicate that we are fulfilling a need in their baseball watching routines.

This product facilitates the job search process, allowing students to focus more of their time and effort capstoen more productive tasks such as interview preparation. Notify me of new comments via email. The prototype is evaluated by a project consultant at the end of ECEA to monitor progress and near the end of ECEB to formally assess the design.

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For those that love discovering new places, Suadeo is a tool to express yourself and document great experiences. The country of Jordan currently houses roughly 1.

capstone project uwaterloo

Providing clean water is a challenge within developing nations; every year nearly two million people die from diarrheal wuaterloo and tens of millions are seriously sickened. Tools that improve the discovery process of a new city are incredibly useful to users.

Skip to main Skip to footer. InTense proposes a deployable, varying-geometry system, Tensegrity Enclosure for Tall Structures TENTSto modify the aerodynamic profile of buildings and maintain their structural integrity through increased wind loads.

Learn more about your neighbourhood: This exposes pedestrians to a high risk of being struck by an LRT vehicle. Prompt and meaningful feedback is provided to students to help steer them towards a successful design experience.

2018 Projects

To accommodate this growth development has expanded into the northern portions of the city. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities for are now available!


One such complication with the current procedure is that MRI scans of the breast are taken in prone position, but the patient is moved into a face-up position during the surgery. Despite the historical failure of conventional treatment solutions in these communities, they continue to uwatdrloo implemented.

capstone project uwaterloo

The design scope will primarily focus on the superstructure and the building enclosure. Furthermore, participants themselves will update their own scores in order to reduce administration overhead.

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To be eligible, you must be in good academic standing. How are capstone projects assigned? Innovation is required to mitigate the risk and protect salmon habitat with a combination of stabilization techniques and systems that have the least environmental impact.

We also have an appealing integration with Discord so that people who talk in one channel can easily set up a tournament bracket if they want to play right away. Adrestia is a mobile strategy game that we designed in response to these shortcomings. It is projected that in order to feed a world population of 9.

Our team will undertake a detailed structural design and economical assessment. Grades will be assigned by the capstone instructor in consultation with your section instructor. TCMC is a representation of the CTLFC model checking problem in first order logic with transitive closure and has been implemented in the Alloy Analyzer, an open source analyzer used for software modelling. TENTS will provide a guaranteed reduction in wind loads experienced by structures without the need to perform an exhaustive structural analysis.