Evaluation of case study designs may be conducted in a number of ways. Case studies are considered useful in research as they enable researchers to examine data at the micro level. Despite this, researching the complex nature of these services has proved challenging [ 9 , 10 ]. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 66, , Results and discussion Advantages and disadvantages of case study design in Clubhouse research In common with qualitative research approaches such as ethnography, an emphasis on studying phenomena in its natural context means case study design incorporates the perspectives of participants who may come from vulnerable and voiceless groups in society [ 26 ].

Issues Ment Health Nurs. For instance, a social study on the effects of the collapse of Highland Towers in Kuala Lumpur in the s, or the effects of tsunami in Acheh in can be conducted using a single-case design, where events are limited to a single occurrence. When deciding to use this method of research, an investigator should keep in mind the dangers and criticisms that are usually made to the method in question and must take precautions and care necessary to avoid them or minimize their consequences. How to do case study research. A further consideration is promoting quality mental health research. CASP posits there are three broad issues that should be considered when appraising qualitative research, these are;. Contributor Information Toby Raeburn, Email:

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Essentially the researcher becomes reseearch of the research itself and, knowing the expected results, may unknowingly guide the subjects to those results, thereby confirming the expected results.

This article, therefore, azidah several reserach of case studies as a research method. The NHMRC [ 32 ] suggests that the processes integral to RCTs minimize the risk of confounding factors and highlight that internal validity is generally stronger in randomized control trials.


Journal of Education and Practice 7 19, Am J Psychiatr Rehabil. Research in English Language Teaching 1 3, Noyes J, Popay J.

In addition, there are also other areas that have used case study methods extensively, particularly in government, management and in education. The vocational development functions of the clubhouse. For instance, why does student A, age eight, fail to read when most children at that age can already zadiah Clubhouse research is further complicated by the highly personalised and context-dependent ways that people experience mental health recovery [ 11 ]. To explore the strategies the reader uses, the researcher must observe the subject within her environment, such as reading in classroom or reading for leisure.

case study as a research method zaidah

Design of case study Since case study method receives criticism in terms of its lack of robustness as a research tool, crafting the design of case studies is of paramount importance. An example of a descriptive case study using pattern-matching procedure is the one conducted by Pyecha on special education children.

Harvard College Writing Center. International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture, 33 The case study crisis: Deploying a Pilot Case Study.

These include the design and categories of case studies and how their robustness can be achieved. What does competitive employment mean? Similar notions can be said for the problem-solving theory. Acknowledgements There was no funding source and there are nil applicable funding or acknowledgements for this discussion paper outside of the authors contributions.

case study as a research method zaidah

These include the design and categories of case studies and how their robustness can be achieved. Unlike intrinsic case studies which set to solve the specific problems of an individual case, instrumental and collective case studies may allow for the generalisation of findings to a bigger population.

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Third, explanatory case studies examine the data closely both at a surface and deep level in order to explain the phenomena in the data. Medicinal plants and malaria: The perceptions of health professionals of the implementation of Recovery-oriented health services: One of the reasons for the recognition of case study as a research method issthat researchers were becoming more concern For instance, research on dyslexic children with reading problems requires a number of replication that can be linked to a cwse before conclusive results are generalised.


However, things hot a little down when certain apps. The paper begins by providing a brief explanation of the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation, and the need for ongoing evaluation of the services delivered.

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The researchers addressed this dilemma pragmatically by using two standardised research scales to collect separate financial data about costs associated with paid staff and voluntary labour invested in activities. For instance, a researcher may ask the reason as to why a dase uses an inferencing strategy in reading Zaidah, Following the identification of whether a single or multiple case study is best suited to a research question, Yin [ 16 ] contends that a structured approach to design should be taken to ensure quality and exploratory power in case study research.

case study as a research method zaidah

The paper concludes with recommendations for future Clubhouse researchers who choose to employ a case study design. The purpose of this article review is to account for the arguments presented in the aforementioned article and develop some independent analysis that can be helpful in applying the data az more a practical and localized fashion.