Ironically, this permission was granted in spite of an ongoing Supreme Court case, filed by Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology RFSTE , challenging the field trials and stating that there were numerous irregularities and violations of biosafety laws and guidelines in previous year field trials. O n March 26, , in spite of inadequate tests of biosafety and viability, Monsanto managed to get clearance for commercial planting of three varieties of genetically engineered Bt cotton from the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee under the Ministry of Environment and Forests MoEF. Soil impact Arguments made in favour of Bt Brinjal Arguments made against Bt Brinjal The soil impact studies assessed the presence of Bt protein in soil at regular intervals in the rhizosphere and non- rhizosphere zones from plots where Bt brinjal plants and non-Bt brinjal plants were cultivated. Pest Management PowerPoint Presentation: Genetic improvement by conventional plant breeding has not been successful due to the lack of resistance to fruit and shoot borer in brinjal germplasm.

They have been linked to organ toxicity and growth impediments when fed to animals. As a general rule GM crops should not be cultivated in the center of origin as it could lead to the loss of original varieties by transgenic cross pollination. Development of resistance is a fact of evolution and this is definitely going to happen in Bt over time. Bt brinjal will help them tackle this pest in an environment-friendly manner and increase yields and farm income. We need many more tests on the environmental and health-safety aspects of GMOs and it should be assessed independently.

The tests merely show the safety of the organic spray. Bacillus thuringiensiscommonly abbreviated as Bt, is a gram-positive, facultative aerobic, rod-like, motile and sporulating bacterium.

Case Study on Bt Brinjal Ppt

This can be achieved by ensuring that pppt are numerous susceptible insects in the vicinity to mate with the resistant-ones. Scientists are making efforts to find out reasonable solution of the issues related with commercial releases of Bt brinjal. The farmers of Khargoan district where Bt is a per cent failure are up in arms against Studj that supplied these GM seeds and are demanding compensation from the company for the failure of their crop.


case study bt brinjal ppt

Indian farmers would have to depend on MNCs for seeds. What will be the fate of Indian agriculture, farmers and consumers if Bt brinjal and other genetically modified crops are introduced? The introduction of Bt cotton has led to rapid depletion of nutrients and microorganisms from the soil.

Pph yield losses due to fruit and shoot borer is very high in this crop. It may cause diseases like swollen face, itching skins, allergies, et cetera.

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To save the small and marginal farmers. Bt toxins may activated in human digestive system — As stomach — mild acidic. The adoption of IPM technology is still low owing to a number of socio-economic, institutional and policy constraints. Distribution map of Leucinodes orbonalis.

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Soil pollution will also occur due to shoots and leaves falling on the ground. In spite of the extensive use of chemical pesticides, larvae lead a concealed life, it is difficult to control through insecticide sprays. Go to Application Have a question? Bt brinjal will help them tackle this pest in an environment-friendly manner ppf increase yields and farm income.

Stomach is in acidic. Under prevailing Indian economical and ecological conditions, decision making for the use of novel Bt binjal still needs a serious thought.

Opposition from 10 state governments, especially from the major brinjal-producing states. Pest Management PowerPoint Presentation: This can be achieved by planting refuge crop non-Bt crop along with the Bt crop, in this case Bt brinjal, in a specified manner. Issues and Prospects Human Health and Biosafety: Food cooking and protein estimation in cooked fruits.


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The secondary and tertiary gene pool is not readily usable for the genetic improvement of the crop as it is not crossable with brinjal. Due to gene pollution, the biodiversity present in brinjal may gets disturbed.

The supply of seeds will be regulated and thus costlier. Indigenous gene should be introduced in to the cultivars from the wild relatives, so that cost of cultivation may decrease.

Large scale protests stuudy held all throughout India against it. As a general rule GM crops should not be cultivated in the center of origin as it could brinajl to the loss of original varieties by transgenic cross pollination. Area, Production and Productivity of Brinjal 12 Source: Baseline susceptibility studies two years with 29 populations.

case study bt brinjal ppt

It has the same nutritional value and is compositionally identical to non Bt brinjal, except for the additional Bt protein which is specific in its action against the Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer BFSB. The extensive use of chemical pesticides has also led to several problems like resurgence of briinjal pests, resistance in pests against pesticides, health hazards and pesticide residues in edible fruit Kabir et.