Do not take anything for granted. Essay — After you have received and carefully read the assignment, it is then time that you proceed to writing the essay. Here is a mock case study from EPSO: Analysis and Problem Solving — the ability to identify critical facts in complex issues and develop creative and practical solutions. It shows you, at every stage, how to obtain maximum points in each competency.

But also to manage online documents and write your answers on a computer; Develop your critical thinking and mindset by developing an argumentation to answer open questions; Access important document that can help you for the EPSO AC documents on the EU main strategy ;. The Case Study may be held in the participant’s second language. If this feels intimidating, you do not have to worry. To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office trainday. We recommend that the length of your essay should be around one page per requested topic outlining three positive aspects about the selected solution and one negative or questionable aspect and putting those in balance.

Assignment — this is the important document that you will receive during the case study.

EPSO Case Study: A Quick Guide

The case study simulation is one of the exercise where you will encounter a comprehensive dossier with many documents proposals, reports, statistics, Marker — the marker is a specialist in the field of the competition that will assess studu case studies of the candidates. The case study exercise forms part of the tests held at the assessment centre. It is usually taken on computer.


This theme is an important aspect of the EU Strategy What do you get in your AD Case Study simulation? In this test, candidates will analyse a problem, interpret data, consider alternatives and produce a written report describing their solutions or recommendations.

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Our simulation package for the AD Case Study is composed of: To do that, a tight essay structure must be in place. In order to practice what you have just learned, then a good mock case study is for you. The recommended structure that you may apply in the case study goes like this: Here, you will be assessed for your ability to work both in teams and independently. Do not overburden yourself and the marker by writing long-winded sentences that may not see the end of the day.

However, before going in deep, it must be noted that not all competitions have a Case Study.

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Delivering quality and Results — the ability to take responsibility and initiative for delivering work to a high standard of quality within set procedures. In the case study exam, you will be tested on the latter. Now, what are the competencies that you need to focus on when taking this particular test? Be ready to take this exam and increase your self-confidence; Be ready to treat a large amount of information and from various sources: Make sure that you can communicate your ideas clearly and concise, while not losing touch of some creativity that will catch the attention of the marker.

case study epso competition

This way, you can quickly understand the context of the simulations given to you. As mentioned above, the subject of the case study reflects the tasks and duties expected of the position you are going after—either as administrators or as assistants.


Otherwise one can use pen and paper or do the simulation later at home.

case study epso competition

However, you must note that case studies are profile specific. The following article has been added to your cart: Drafting policies Implementing EU law Analysis or advisory work The policy sectors that an administrator covers include: To succeed in this test, candidates must:.

Printshots of the Case Study Module. Books Cokpetition Case Study. To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office trainday.

case study epso competition

Read Up the Notice of the Competition — Go back comoetition the notice of the competition since this will give you an overview of the kind of role expected for the certain position you are going for within the EU institution.

Here, you will find important instructions about the exercise as well as your role, the time, and the questions competitiin you are about to solve. Write Your Main Ideas — Write down the key sentences in every paragraph before the rest.

However, the journey is still not over. Success in this test is crucial for success in the Assessment Center.