When there is a project to be launched, the Project Development PD Officer acts as the project manager to coordinate to various department the tasks needed in connection with the project launch. The objective should be how closely a supervisor can monitor its subordinates. If I am Marshall Pinkard. What environmental and technological factors would influence your decision? Authority, responsibility, delegation, and accountability should also de defined.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Marshall should set an approval matrix that shows the approving party for a range of amount of any CAPEX purchases needed by each team. Equally far as organisation of the IT Department should travel. You are commenting using your Google account. It seems as though workers in the bank have a job esteeming her. However, the individual IT departments would need to be checked upon by corporate routinely and corporate should still have some controls over each department. On another note, the suggestion to decentralize their IT would mean decreasing the span of control of Ayishia.

I would also take into account what troubles the IT department comes into when helping other members of the bank, and whether or not those troubles are due to the information system currently in place.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Fill studdy your details below or click an icon to log in: Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! You are commenting using your Twitter account. She had also expressed that these employees that came to her expected immediate results, but when she tried to be an administrator or facilitator, her efforts were not responded casee with open arms.


A task force is a temporary team or committee designed to solve a short-term problem involving several departments. In general, the main thing to do would be to see how the bank runs after Ayishia feels more comfortable with her job and evaluate the company before making a decision.

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case study fmb&t

The IT being a staff department is of course heavily affected by this and would encounter difficulty in executing its function. In a vertical structure, she has no authority to define task for her and her department which she deemed necessary unless approved by the President. As already mentioned, the IT department to which Ayishia belong is a staff department providing specialized support to other departments.

FMB&T Case Study Essay

You can do the statement that the state of affairs will acquire fbm&t with clip. Thus, IT Department has staff authority which is present in both vertical and horizontal structure. Task force members represent their departments and share information that enables coordination. So Ayishia is a new executive and her section seems to be non merely neglected but besides under a batch of fire for executing under outlooks.

case study fmb&t

Ayishia will also handle this team but she will have project managers that will lead the completion of the project from coordination to monitoring functions.

Assignment 3 Dropbox by Tuesday, January 31, She noted that the IT section had some good thoughts for concern czse affecting IT developments.

Be sure to incorporate your weekly readings, cite your sources using proper APA including in text citations and references. The utilization of these resources are seen in the areas of separation of function, arrangement of authority, and procedures for coordination [1]. Marshall seemed to agree with Ayishia in her request for a formal copy of her authorities and responsibilities, but also pondered the idea that maybe Ayishia had uncovered a major organizational problem throughout the bank.


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The strategies of a Company should be cse in defining the organization structure. I would believe that the best class of action for right now would be to seek the little accommodations for 6 months or so. Chain of Command — IT Department is a staff department because it provides specialized skills that support the line departments.

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case study fmb&t

On another note, the suggestion to decentralize their IT would mean decreasing the span of control of Ayishia. Submit your report to the W2: Ayishia may hold asked for a formal transcript of her responsibilities and powers because she is new and wants something formal from the President to give her and the other employees throughout the company a feel for what her occupation precisely is.

What environmental and technological factors would influence your decision? Team members think in terms of working together for the good of the whole rather than just for their own department.