You should see a Bull’s Eye when you are over a place you may “drop” it. The Liquid Percent Level is not offered as an independent variable! There are two variables called Liquid Percent: On the Reactions Page, you can see that the current Liquid Volume is ft 3 and that the current conversion in the reactor is For more information on the special functions and logical expressions you may use, press Function Help

Determine the detailed information on each column using the methods at http: Now immediately, you should see we have a problem executing this plan. Now you can return back to the spreadsheet to observe the results: When you begin, your PFD should look approximately like this. Now add a material stream to define the feed stream composition and conditions By: From the attachments tab, select Analysis and then Create: The Optimizer has its own Spreadsheet for defining the Objective and Constraint functions.

For distillation, absorbing or stripping, first arrange on paper all cases in order of increasing boiling point hysys you can get from a handbook, or from the View Component feature of the Basis Hysys. Remember our goal is to vary the reactor temperature and reactor size done here by varying what percentage of cubic feet need actually be filled with liquid studdy observe the effect on the reactor’s efficiency i.

Keep a record of the things you try in a table.

Learning Objectives Once you have completed this section, you will be able to: It doesn’t actually consider it a variable and heaven forbid you should actually want to use it for something. On the Worksheet Page, you can see that currently the entire contents of the reactor are exiting via Reactor Prods Reactor Vent has zero flow at o F.


Now press Start on the Case Study. We’re done with the example. It is full offline installer standalone setup of This manual is prepared by ah. Even though the vent is nominally empty, we need to include it on the off chance that some of the reactor contents do become vapourized.

Case Studies Example

Base case Level-1 simulation. Now add a material stream to define the composition and the conditions of the feed stream By: Therefore we want our maximum temperature to be less than o F. Go ahead and open up the DataBook now under the Tools menu. Calculate the temperature of LTS feed ……………….

Now you can return to the Simulation environment to see the stream Raw Crude with a full composition: Start by opening up the file you made from the Tutorial.

The property package is a collection of methods for calculating the properties of the selected components. Finally add 8v hypo component to the component list By: Remember me on this computer. You may see the new values for the variables from the Variables tab: Specify the following information for the segment.

case study hysys v8

Now we would like to explore that reaction a little more, from a plant design stand point. The condenser and reboiler pressures are dtudy psia, respectively. The tower is operated with the following conditions: You should see a nice, pretty 3 dimensional graph of Conversion vs. Now, select the suitable fluid package In this case, select Peng-Robinson By: An alternative approach is to specify hysyz component fractions or component recoveries for the column product streams.


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See page in Perry’s for a case explanation of thermosiphon reboilers. Add a distillation tower: The column should turn yellow, and you may close its window. However, the more information you stusy supply about the fluid, the more accurate these properties will be, and the better HYSYS will predict the fluid’s actual behavior. Now immediately, you should see we have a problem executing this plan.

Aspen hysys v8 case study

One thing you may notice with hyyss Optimized solution is that the Pressure of V3 has been decreased to 70 kPa 10 psia which is less than atmospheric. Prepare the final report in accordance with the studies at http: Perhaps, you might want to develop the habit of always making a record in the Data Recorder also part of the DataBook right before running your Tsudy Studies. That’s right girls and boys, the Spreadsheet and your profs complain you don’t pay attention — Well, actually they complain that you don’t come to class, but that is neither here nor there.

case study hysys v8