In fact, there are even speculations in the community that the chair of the PRRC is responsible for setting the community on fire in order to have the ISFs removed Interview During my informal field visits in Legarda the respondents told me that the reason why some families chose to go to the near-city relocation site was that their families were growing and they did not have time to wait for the completion of the PPHI Interview Support- Communal ing the president social capital Maintain Responsibility to neighbours. Push and pull factors driving the initiative are identified. I believe that the risk of a new fire build up the urgency for the families to complete the PPHI.

The chosen themes are: Flows of information or networks can be described as an expression of social capital rather than just an asset Adger, , Moving towards inclusive urban adaptation: On an aesthetic aspect, the Estero de Paco project is a vast improvement from the previous depressed condition of the area. Click here to sign up. Examples of pull factors are often the opposite of the push factors, i. Regarding anonymity, the respondents in Legarda and UPA were clear about their interest in participating in my study as it can contribute to the community by spreading the word of the PPHI.

My time in the field can be described as observation with a minimal degree of participation.

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Originating as an open canal in BaranggayEstero de Paco winds northward before discharging into the main river. In one instance one of the leaders started to say something, but when another cluster leader entered the room she quickly changed her mind6. Limitations Ideally I would have wanted to live in the community during the course of my field work, but unfortunately I could not find any appropriate location to stay in.

While addressing poverty is beyond the capability of any singular government agency, much more a foundation like AFI, it is a critical component in designing and implementing any environmental improvement or urban restoration programs. Nevertheless, I wish to have been able to return to the community after my initial analysis in order to make my study more in-depth. Note that these characteristics are meant to describe the acquisition and accumulation of social capital, they do not exclude one another and can be present simultaneously.


As I have shown in my literature review, the current strategies to hazard mitigation focus on top-down adaptation strate- gies that give priority to expert driven solutions. Appropriate sewerage infrastructures need to be put in place.

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By Dakila Kim Padoga Yee. The explanation to why the cluster leaders were chosen were for their availability Interview The saving scheme work as a collective fund where a family can borrow money to pay the rent in case of financial emergency once the families move in to the apartments of the PPHI. Gaining outside support and becoming empowered In order for the NML to achieve their goals of land tenure security, in-city housing and the appointment of pro-poor staff in the government, the com- munity decided to become politically involved by supporting the then Senator Stjdy Aquino III in his presidential campaign, who had been supportive of the UDHA act in ilogg senate3.

The choice for my field research was elaborated during the course of an internship that I undertook in Quezon City, NCR at the main office of one of the largest NGO networks in the country. Thus, UPA can be seen as a sort of surrogate to the state.

The grid street pattern, the monumental plaza, and stone city walls became established as urban forms. Vulnerability and Adaptation in the South – Climate Change. By Cake Prhitz Dadap.

Remember me on this computer. Because informal settlements like Legarda are made up of light materi- als, and homes are built closely together, fires easily spark and they spread quickly, which is another reason why these areas are seen as problematic by the remainder of the city of Manila and by the government Interview 4, Porio and Crisol argue that an insurance of non-eviction from governments would suffice in providing a sense of secure housing as the fixed monthly amortisation that comes with ownership is too costly Porio and Crisol, Adaptation to climate change often implies a degree of intervention from the state, whom for instance is the agent capable of providing proper infrastructure.


Governance and Urban Development: Presuming that the PPHI will be accomplished, I asked my respondents how their life will be different once they have moved in to their new homes.

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When the PPHI was initiated, the community of Legarda consisted of families, in however, sixty of the families opted to relocate to a near-city location instead of pursuing the PPHI. Examples of push factors can psig Many of the relocation sites also lack public services such as hospitals and schools.

Further- more, Sattherwaite and Moser differentiate between financial, human, social, environmental, political and physical assets. Thus, my research only give insight to a particular time and place of the community. The factors identified to have contributed to its iloog is the focus on outputs; efficiency in gathering and mobilizing resources; emphasis on community engagement and wide stakeholder-base involvement; and effective use of above-the-line marketing channels for education and project promotion.

case study ilog pasig

Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want. This frame- work connects a high access to assets with high resiliency, and a low access to assets with vulnerability. The studg approach to the case of Legarda is motivated by environmental and economic drivers.

Finally, the accountability that one has to their net- work can also be seen as a reason to why social capital works, thus, a level of social control is exerted Lin, Apart from the fact that informal settlers have irregular incomes, they are physically flexible; because the homes are constructed of light materials, they can be expanded when the number of family members increases.