The homework helpers provide hope and encouragement in a neighborhood where few positive role models exist. This award winning program begins its sixth year in September. Partners for Achieving School Success school students with meaningful employment in the library, job training, and extensive youth-leadershipdevelopment experiences. In some libraries, helpers are given practice homework questions that they then have to answer as part of the training process. Even volunteers are required to complete application forms that request information about past criminal records. A week later, they are taught how to use the Internet and how to conduct a reference interview.

If the main purpose of the homework center is to manage a chronic unattended-children situation, then the program should be offered directly after school when parents and other caregivers are working. Recently, all teachers who turned in homework alert forms to a branch of the County of Los Angeles Public Library were entered into a drawing for restaurant coupons, map books, and small office supplies. Initially, a part-time coordinator was hired to run the program during weeknights. Even though staff, students, and the public may prefer separately housed homeworkassistance programs, there are distinct disadvantages to such arrangements. Account Options Sign in. Less distinctive but just as effective is the homework area at the East Palo Alto Library. Mexico, Juan moved to Castroville.

Indeed, the library was often the only place in town for the child to go other than the movies or the street. Typical homework-helper interview questions may include the following: At the Allen County Public Library, in Indiana, for example, titles that support the local curriculum are fully integrated into the overall young adult collection.

Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library

Program Security When the library first introduced the homework-help program in Montclair, New Jersey, one young student expressed apprehension about working with adult strangers. What would you say or do? Surveys have been successfully utilized at several libraries to assess the satisfaction of homework-center patrons and staff see appendix K for examples.


Castroville Library Homework Center. Several public libraries, including those in Yonkers, San Jose, and Monroe County, make excellent use of practicing educators who are hired to work in the library after school.

Creating the Full-service Homework Center in Your Library – Cindy Mediavilla – Google Books

Just visit our webpage, www. Ages on;y, please. Although Northfield is a small, midwestern town, it is home liibrary two prestigious private educational institutions, Carleton College and St. Computer companies have also become natural partners in the establishment of homework programs. Inthe Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development published cemter report revealing that the most dangerous time of day for youth are the three hours following school.

In a proposed pilot project that was eventually adopted cejter the Sacramento Public Library, homework-center staff outlined their strategy to enroll one hundred at-risk youth into an after-school program. Homework assistance is provided by honor-roll high-school students hired through an agency called the Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.

Fortunately, outside agencies seem most amenable to funding library projects that promote computer access.

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Their main task is to ensure student success by providing the necessary tools and encouragement to enable kids to complete their own homework. To accomplish the overall goal of strengthening after-school use of the library, personal computers were installed with interactive software and Internet access.

Kinney Text and cover design: As compensation, the volunteers are given free library cards and are treated as part of the staff; but for most Pals, their biggest reward is in helping children learn. Join us for fun, food, board games, video games, crafts, conversation, laughs, and more. The homework helpers provide hope and encouragement in a neighborhood where few positive role models exist.


castroville library homework center

Standard Homework Supplies Although librarians have always kept scratch paper and extra pencils on hand for young patrons to use after school, homework-center staff have developed extensive lists of supplies required to facilitate the homework castrovilel. In some libraries, after-school programs are presented primarily to entertain and demonstrate just how fun learning can be. At the Monterey Public Library, the Homework Pals coordinator and youth-services manager work together to present a thorough all-day orientation.

Eighty-eight percent also said they used the library for homework support. At the San Jose Public Library, for example, branch managers are responsible for allocating and spending their own librarg homework-center budgets, even though the program as a whole is administered by the librarywide youth services coordinator.

castroville library homework center

Initially, a part-time coordinator was hired to run the program during weeknights. This model of hiring part-time site coordinators is also effectively used at the San Castrlville, Oakland, and Monroe County, Indiana, public libraries.

castroville library homework center

Please express yourselves honestly. Bulletin boards and whiteboards are especially useful for posting homework-center rules and announcements and for helping solve group assignments. Libraey Although no public library is completely safe, dangers can be minimized through diligent hiring practices and thoughtful placement of the homework center.

All signs and publicity are bathed in mauve, gold, and blue, as are the KidLinks furnishings. Youth Librarians and Homework Centers. Classes Computer Staff Contact Name: The Corvallis—Benton County Public Library, in Oregon, formed a student advisory council to help create a questionnaire to query students and teachers about homework needs. Mexico, Juan moved to Castroville.