This happens four times a year, and at the end of this cycle of learning, the student tells the teacher through a written report what they’ve found out. By simply doing nothing. Tweet; SumoMe; Tweet; Chief. Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. Let me help you.

Nothing is perfect, everything has its pros and cons and the same is with this system. Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern:. A Boon Or A Bane? Essentially, they’re being turned into a copy-pasting, project-churning, and marks gaining machines, from sane human beings. Now, the students know that even if they do not do well in academics, they might get promotion for other activities at school. Everything was working smoothly but one thing which lacked in even the Toppers was the Lack in Important Human Values and other Qualities like confidence on Stage,Arts Etc which have more importance than marks to be called as an Educated Person!

Essay on mobile phone boon or bane for students click here How to write a argumentative essay outline Essays will be judged by cspera. While some students are contended with the continuous system of evaluation, it is a liability for certain students on the other hand.

Essay on cce a boon or bane; word patten about the american dream; Post navigation. This tool looks for easay prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Thus it results in top graders putting in lesser effort.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

Since there is no standard activity pattern Besides the scholastic areas and activities that are assessed. The syllabus of first summative is not repeated in second summative somewhat like semester pattern. Being fueled by jose emilio an narrative. There are a lot more advantages and CCE system is a result of increasing stress and pressure to perform among students.


Some of the Students Felt it too good but some felt it like a pain. Most just know the full form of acronym Till now, the teaching and learning were dependent mostly on teachers and the available curriculum.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content xce the future. So the problems with implementation may, in fact, be problems with the people themselves. All papers in offline download.

Neeraj Class 10th S. So I think the CCE system is spoiling students. E is truly helping me to improve myself without any exam terror. Feynman definitely in my list of top ten books where Feynman was reviewing textbooks, and he found quite a lot of things wrong.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

Also, increasing the number of parameters on which the student is graded was supposed to make individual tests matter less. The regular monitoring of the student will eventually help in the proper grooming of the xce and will help him realize his strengths and weaknesses in multiple fields. If work is increased at least the board should have booh a tool for managing extra effort rather than stupid excel sheets.

Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern:. The CCE pattern allows different schools and in turn teachers the freedom to conduct the tests in their own way.


CCE boon or ban Essay

It help to build teacher – student coordination. Or even “What’s wrong with plagiarism? It recognizes and encourages specific abilities of students, who do not excel in academics but perform well in other co-curricular areas. Who wouldn’t be appalled, if you’re forced to write word meanings in an English notebook I’m not kidding.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

Whether CCE pattern of study is a boon or a bane, let us find out here. Whoever introduced this pattern is getting badly screwed Those students who get promoted to next class simply because no student should be detained become burden to the teachers who teach them as they will not be having the knowledge of what is taught in their previous class.

For example — a student has got 45 marks while another student has got 49 marks, they both will be falling in the same category of A1 grade which is a very big conflict of hard work and luck. NO Internet required every time.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

Animals deserve rights, and these rights. It helps to promote the creativity of students as now they must pay special attention to assignment and project works.