His exploration of this theme points us directly to the essential question we all face in practice: Everyone is welcome, however, a minimum of one year of meditation practice is recommended. In our country, racism has played a huge role in separating us from one another. It takes much patience to be able to meet this material with a heart and mind that is non-reactive. The Tuesday evening meditation group will ring in the new year tomorrow from 7:

Judi is scheduled to facilitate the practice this week. This Saturday, January 27, IMCN will kick off the first in series of 6 monthly morning workshops 9am to 1pm based on the teachings of the Tibetan meditation master Kilung Rinpoche. Through this, we get a sense for what it is to bring kind intentions to our practice, and therefore to our lives. On Saturday morning, from 9: Is it better to prioritize taking care of oneself or the other? There will be instruction in sitting and walking meditation, as well as discussion of the benefits of a regular practice.

David Steindl-Rast, whom Sue mentioned a few weeks ago. Our Place Day Care 0 votes; 0. The teachers, the energy and the experience was wonderful. Come join us this evening for our Wednesday Evening Dharma program!

cimc cambridge homework

We seek happiness by surrounding ourselves with people and things that make us feel safe and comfortable. In cultivating metta, we directly experience a uomework kindness as the very ground of our being. Shaila will guide meditations, and share insights and techniques gleaned from her extensive experience with jhana practice.

As these qualities are drawn forward in our hearts and minds, we can experience the freedom that comes with knowing that whatever arises, we have two important and powerful qualities of heart and mind to meet them with.


To find out more, please visit http: Faith strengthens energy; energy strengthens mindfulness; mindfulness strengthens concentration; concentration strengthens wisdom, and vice versa. Because parking is expected to be tight, anyone who is interested in attending is advised to arrive well in advance.

To register for this retreat and to find out more about the Spring residential retreat beginning May 16please visit http: Then on Saturday afternoon, from 1: As some of you may have heard, cambeidge world of Engaged Buddhism experienced a loss this past comc with the death of Cheri Maples. All dana that is collected will be donated to support the Worldwide Organization of the Alliance for Bhikkhunis.

Porter Square Books Bookstore. For more information on these upcoming CIMC events, please visit http: This weekend retreat will explore the highest ideal cambrisge Buddhist teachings — freedom from suffering — through mindfulness meditation and an emphasis on ease and self-acceptance. Participants will be encouraged to listen to their own intuitive wisdom in applying the instructions and how they work with the schedule to best nourish themselves, and deepen the flow of present moment experience.

cimc cambridge homework

Cambridge Home Renovations 0 votes; 0. That is all for now.

White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

What does it actually mean though? In the church one will often hear camgridge about political races, police brutality, or public education issues that affect not just members of the church but members of the larger Black Community. Lighthouse Yoga Center Joogastuudio. Emphasis is placed on the practices of sitting and walking meditation as well as developing mindfulness in daily life.


Over the course of this retreat we will examine ways to apply the dharma to the actual experiences that we encounter in our cambridgw. In this daylong workshop, we will explore how to work skillfully with body pain, and how practicing wisely with pain strengthens the heart and can be a doorway to release.

Come join us this evening for our Wednesday Evening Dharma program! These convert sanghas are thoroughly disconnected from the public concerns that members of Black communities cannot help but bring with them, given the position of African Americans in the American racial hierarchy.

For more details, please visit https: As we attend to the immediate sensations of the body, to hearing, to seeing, to smelling and tasting, we can re-ground. Stay tuned, however; both centers have good things planned for right after the holiday hiatus, and Souhegan Insight will also be offering a day-long retreat with Doreen Schweizer.

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I will keep everyone posted, of course. I know Ajahn David speaks very highly of Lao cuisine….

cimc cambridge homework

Many people may wish to join in the meal offering at 11am and stay through to witness the event, and make cmc afterwards to the newly minted samanas.

To find out more about upcoming events in Cambridge and Newburyport, please visit http: