The second article is a short contemplation by Jay Michaelson on the use of virtual reality to reach enlightenment: Developing Loving Kindness for all beings, especially those with views that are contrary to ours, is essential if we are to avoid fostering a us and them mentality. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics app with a handful of bona fide meditation teachers, including Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg. The course is structured to help participants learn how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice. Those who are interested in this opportunity should contact the Monastery Secretary at contact jetagrove.

As we attend to the immediate sensations of the body, to hearing, to seeing, to smelling and tasting, we can re-ground. Loving-kindness metta meditation systematically cultivates friendliness, benevolence and good-will. Some good tips here:. There will also be a 2-week period in July in which the Sanctuary is also off-limits due to sprinkler installation. I’m starting to practice meditation and this place gave me an amazing experience with a retreat I at And from July Bhikkhu Bodhi will be a visitor at the monastery.

White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop (2017)

Dan Siegel discussing his new book, Aware: For more information on this special event, please visit https: The first two of these segments cambfidge the broadcast feature environmental activist and educator John Homewogk, who undertook a year vow of silence. The Tuesday evening meditation group will meet tomorrow evening from 7: The major news in the religious studies world of late is the death of Huston Smith, the esteemed author and scholar of world religions.

Suggested reading for this workshop: The retreat will run from 9am to 7pm on Saturday, March 10, and from 9am to 5pm on Sunday, March We will also cultivate loving kindness metta as a felt, somatic experience, both towards and through the body. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. First, starting next Thursday evening, March 29, from 6pm to 7: However, seen through the eyes of compassion, we discover some surprising new insights about shame that loosen its grip in our lives.


cimc cambridge homework

This course is suitable for those who are new to meditation, or who wish to jump-start and establish a cambridgf regular practice. Black Lives Matter Cambridge.

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IMCN and CIMC are both closed until after the new year, but each has some great events, including a weekend residential retreat with Chris Crotty in Newburyport on Januaryand the usual retreat and workshop offerings in Cambridge. For more information on this series and other offerings at IMCN, please visit http: In this workshop, we will explore how to bring more mindfulness and care to our communication: Down Under School of Yoga Joogastuudio.

Worldwide Insight covers the whole globe, yet delivers the dharma right to you. For more information on upcoming events at CIMC, please visit http: Looking ahead a bit further, next month Sharon Salzberg will offer a 6-week online course in conjunction with Tricycle.

One other resource of which I was reminded this past weekend, thanks to Chris, is the Worldwide Insight website:. Dan Siegel for his only Boston-area presentation of his latest book: For those who are interested, Than Geoff has penned a short study guide on the Ten Perfections that is freely available on his website: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

We are members of a collective; even if recently immigrated or moved here from elsewhere; icmc collective has certain social meanings, privileges, expectations; we are read a certain way by others; and we share the burden of responsibility for correcting course, even as we are not personally responsible …. Please join us for tea and conversation in the dining room afterwards!


White Awake – 7 Hour Daylong Workshop () | White Awake

The seeds that Abhaya planted seem to have taken root. Countertop Installation Services 0. For folks who may wish to stay local, Brenda has also kindly offered to host an informal sitting group at her house. This community-member led group is intended for meditators who have attended at least two beginner drop-in classes at the center, or by permission of the Director. Encourage the participants to make eye contact and express silent gratitude for the courage and resilience of every person present, including themselves.

What if we could let go of these stories? We invite attendees to offer financial support for our visiting teachers through the practice of dana generosity.

cimc cambridge homework

There will be ample time reserved for questions and discussion. CIMC Drop-In Programs offer many opportunities for beginners and experienced practitioners alike to learn about Insight Meditation, to deepen their practice and to participate at the Center.

cimc cambridge homework

There will be an ample opportunity to ask questions. Extreme and radical forms of religious beliefs and nationalistic views seem to increase every day.