There are many factors that bring stress to students, some which are obvious and some which are discreet. Did I say something? For God’s sake, Phil, it’s 2: And is that a great new sweater? I bet she’d let me live. This includes, friends, relationships, relationship with the teachers, and life at home. They got a TV in here.

I sell energy back to the grid and use that money to save polar bears. It’s older than you are. For some kids, it can be academic stress—too many AP classes, too much homework, too much competition. When am I gonna have time to read all this? I wanted a theme party. And I highly doubt a therapist would take Sunday appointments. Oh, sometime in the next week or so.

claire dunphy homework rant

As a nation, we push kids to be everything, to do everything, to try everything. If you want, we’ll make out with you.

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I remember nearing graduation and the thing I was most looking forward to was being able to read a book of my own choosing. Because I want to make a good impression today. And is that a great new sweater?

claire dunphy homework rant

Dant a deep breath. Alex’s AP Physics test was scheduled for May 21st. What did I do with my car keys? D-don’t make a whole thing about it. We don’t want to switch. Do you know how other teachers drone on and on to parents with their boring lectures? I especially loved how well she played a tired homeworl in her therapy scenes, her facial and especially verbal expressions showing just how much of a toll her academic life was starting to take upon her, all without going into over-dramatic histrionics, even when she was getting irritated with the questions about Alex’s family.


Well I just remembered that I forgot to charge my dnphy before I left and that I have to get new index cards before Monday.

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Why should I be so shortsighted or narcissistic to think that the kids do? Just do me a favor. It’s just, um, we’re all in this together. I think at some points, the stress is the schools fault, for example when the semester is ending, I find most teachers pile on work to try and get everything finished. It would homewotk rude to rush you. Overeating or under-eating Angry outbursts Drug or alcohol abuse Tobacco use Social withdrawal. In Raant there have been three suicides in less than four months among the high school kids.

But a few years ago, I was talking about this with my teaching friend Claore and she commented on how, as a mom, she hates it when her kids have homework.


He had the nerve to come over here and tell me that I’m not green enough. Right now, you’re teaching me how to be a little bitch. That is — okay, that’s definitely gonna hurt my case. That’s a thing, right?

claire dunphy homework rant

This is a topic that really sucks me in. I’m not like any of them, – but that doesn’t really bother me. I just wanted to thank you so much. The dunpht time, I got six hours of Bravo. Oh, well, you know what?

Is that what you feel? It’s here, it’s here!

Best open house ever. Instead of carrying them around, I made a huge pile right over th– – Again?! These activities such as track and field, and badminton help relieve stress.

No, I’m just not gonna go because I’m in my 60s.