Context in the quote in this movie there is a folk Motunui who after the storm must be leaking roof when it rains. In the song sung by Moana is about the intention of Moana who wanted to sail past the reef but the intention was canceled because Moana wanted to start his role of being a leader in the island of Motunui. We Dulu kita pelaut. Two data have been prepared by researcher in English version and Indonesian version. Di sebelah Established sana!

After they arrived on the cliff of Lalotai, Moana said “so, not seeing an entrance” and Maui replied “yes, because it only appears – after a human sacrifice – kidding”. For one line, the minimum duration is 3 seconds and the maximum duration is 5 seconds. The word astaga in the context of the film is a picture of Moana’s regret because her canoe is misdirected. My lovely son, Rafa Desta Ondrea, who always gave me spirit when I’m feeling very tired, bored, and stress in completing this thesis; Compensation It is a translation technique performed by transfering message from the other parts of translation, e.

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Then Moana chases after her father and says “What are you doing? Based on translation techniques from Molina and Albir The readers who are interested in translation study and want to increase their knowledge about the translation techniques in the subtitling text of the movie or some other field related to translation, would comprehend the text before doing other researches that deal with the translation.

Kau berkepala Established shark head? Click here to sign up. The compensation technique of the source language can not be realized in the same section of the target language aki the elements or elements of the culture do not have the same equivalent in the target language and are essya with another equivalent equivalent in the target language with the source language. Therefore the word fish in the source language is translated into the target language becomes melaut because the audience can easily understand and accept the intent and idea of the film.


Established Equivalence Do something! Then the old man asks Moana for cooking Heihei, but Moana defends Heihei by saying “Sometimes our strenghts lie beneath the surface” and praising Heihei’s superiority in addition to his eyes.

Dan Te Fiti membaginya dengan dunia.

As the world experiences faster communication and acceleratedmobility, translation studies takes part as a bridge to avoid a communication gap Nugroho, Raden Arief, et al.

Tipe jawaban esai yang dinilai dalam sistem ini bersifat definitif.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

The subtitle was chosen because that was synchronized to Blu-ray rip version. Kau dikencingi ikan Amplification sepanjang hari! Pure Borrowing Finding you a better Mencarikan jalan Reduction way in!

Essay dan rabin Karp

Generalization is a process of translation technique of a term from a source language with a term in a target language that is already common and widely know to the public. This technique is different from generalization techniques.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

The translator using the word occurs because an equal equivalent to the word horizon in the context is horizon. So, not seeing an entrance SL become aku, tidak melihat ada pintu masuk TL. The highest frequency used in Moana Movie Subtitle is a Established Equivalence technique, because the translator translates the indojesia by using a common equivalent to ease the audience in understanding the intent of subtitle in the film.


In the above utterances, the source language is translated in the target language using naturalized borrowing translation techniques. A good translator must be able to translate between the source language SL with the target language TL.

Dia tinggal diatas sana? Pada perbandingan yang kelima, kedua nilai hash dan karakter pembentuk string sesuai, sehingga solusi ditemukan. Inside the song there is a first word says “I have crossed the horizon to find you” by Moana. Pembuatan Sistem Dalam tahap ini dilakukan perancangan conto yang terdiri dari perancangan proses-proses utama dan desain aplikasi yang berupa tampilan antarmuka.

Sometimes our strenghts lie beneath the surface.

Gottlieb in Naomi Ventriastates that subtitles are displayed in the bottom of screen and in the middle position, first line is consider of 40 characters and the second line is shorter than the kj one, including of space and punctuation. And finally Maui agreed to restore Te Indonezia heart with Moana.

After that Moana sings about herself doubts. For one line, the minimum duration is 3 seconds and the maximum duration is 5 seconds. While Kakamora approaches in Moana’s canoe.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

Berarti kita cari kailmu. Transposition Help me!

Do you have a Apa? The word cakrawala refers to limiter line between the heaven with the ocean dan usually form of horizontal line.