Varies based on position example skills: To get help with your CV, schedule an appointment to see one of our counselors. Material you present early in your CV is likely to stand out more than material placed later. Work experience may take a number of forms in your CV. Careful composing and revision are essential.

What will they find interesting about you? Completeness is more important than brevity. Look at the skills required for the position and select experiences where you demonstrated those skills. Publications Section List publications in reverse chronological order. Use a conservative font no smaller than 10pt and leave at least half inch margins on all sides. What are they looking for?

What will they find interesting about you? The simplest error can undo all your hard work.

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Title of paper, Name of conference, Dates, Location Can format conference covee and publications using the writing style of your field for citations May indicate sub-headings: Stick to one page, unless you have extensive experience or an advanced degree.

Cover Letters A cover letter is a one-page accompaniment to a resume or CV expressing your interest in an organization and highlighting experiences that make you the right candidate.

Cover letters should be no longer than one page with leyter font size between points. Although you might choose to list these skills in a Skills section, including them in experience descriptions reinforces them by putting them in context. Upload your resume and instantly receive advice and edits based on the metrics of other MIT undergrads, grad students and postdocs.


If you gave a presentation, include how many people attended. When writing your tailored CV, keep your audience in mind. Knowing how to sell your value to prospective employers can make the difference between landing that interview or not.

Skip to main content. Headings can be located and titled strategically. Use bold text sparingly to highlight key information or section headings.

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Even a resume without a single typo is worthless if lettwr forget to include your contact information. Whenever possible, include how you performed tasks, not just what you did.

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The length is typically 2 to 4 pages for a younger professional, 4 to 7 pages for a person with more experience. You want to make your most notable skills, achievements, and knowledge areas leap off the page for readers.

Portfolio, LinkedIn used more widely. Skip to main content. Collaboration and communication such as reports or presentations are mih valuable skills in most fields. What are they looking for? Varies based on position example skills: Curriculum Vitaes, or CV’s, are used to apply for teaching or research opportunities, fellowships, further academic training, grants, contract funding proposals, tenure, promotion to professor positions, and membership in a professional society or organization.


If you include work experience, it gecs important to clarify the relevance in your description. Include more than the technical aspects of your experiences. CVs summarize educational and academic history and may include more detail than a resume jit teaching experience, publications, and academic honors and awards. To get help with your CV, schedule an appointment to see one of our counselors.

For lab work, mention specific techniques. The best way to articulate your impact is with factual accomplishments.

cover letter mit gecd

Just be sure to describe the experience in terms that make its relevance clear. If applying for a position that primarily involves research, describe research experience first; if the reverse is true, put teaching experience first.

cover letter mit gecd

Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to get experienced feedback on all your career documents. You also want to demonstrate ways leter your experience has prepared you for the role by sharing a few brief stories that highlight your qualifications. If your work experience is not directly relevant to your academic interests, are there skills you gained that make the experience worth including?

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