Over 2, consultations and notes from emergency room and urgent care departments were reviewed to assess adherence to guidelines for treating hand trauma Step 3. Develop a capstone topic after you are admitted to the program. I hope that helps! I’m a “work-smart”–not “work-hard” type of guy. Remember, once you present and defend, the process is pretty much set in stone. My first idea is, I would like to explore the effects of residual paralysis related to pulmonary complications but I feel like this is hard to test or have no idea how to measure something like that.

If you have an issue that you are especially passionate about, consider a capstone that might be used as a pilot study. Submit a new text post. I imagine that your question would be greatly affected by the number of day surgery vs. You will use the DNP project to demonstrate your ability to lead and practice at the highest level of clinical nursing practice. Anyway, are you liking the program at the U???? Student prepares and distributes the proposal defense to the Committee members. Don’t let professors get you bent out of shape in your other courses as you develop your capstone.

Barriers to vaccination as well as factors that would help facilitate vaccination were identified using a pre-intervention questionnaire survey Step 3. Please enter your email to proceed.

Best Topics For A Nursing Capstone Project

If this happens to you, just smile and send a copy of your published capstone to the professor, COD of course. That’s just what I wrote about. Submit a new link. Good luck in the application process.


Use this as a guide in developing your manuscript. A quality improvement project was initiated to avoid delays in care for patients with hand trauma. Also, the capstone must reflect real health issues that are practice-oriented and consistent with capstond contents of one or more professional modules.


The projecct of papers in medical colleges and universities are selected according to the degree of relevance and may be related to the future intended place of work of the graduate student. In such moments, we should think about how to ask for help in a reliable capstone project writing service.

crna capstone project ideas

Will it solve problems or directly inform my practice? From my experience, both as an RN and as a family member of someone with multiple health issues, I’ve concluded that unless A a person is smart enough to research their own disease process fully and healthcare as a whole AND possesses the means to research correctly OR B has a family member in the healthcare field; they are often left very clueless and vulnerable to falling through the cracks somehow despite the honest efforts and expertise of the healthcare team.

DNP Discussions : Picking a Capstone Before Starting a DNP Program

An example of how one DNP student followed this 5-step evidence-based process to develop a quality improvement project with the goal of reducing delays in treatment for patients with hand trauma: We cdna not provide official answers or provide professional cpstone.

Find your capstone chair first. About this Blog Occupation: Very helpful in sparking some ideas for me Therefore, another topic I discussed was better research in anesthesia in the elderly due to our aging population.

crna capstone project ideas

I explained that maybe we need to implement more precautions and protocols in our older population where complications are more prevalent in hopes this would improve care in this patient population.


Get an idea if your prospective capstone advisor has a good grip on reality, is easy going and is not bent on making peoples lives miserable. Contact the editors and get their rules on formatting.

crna capstone project ideas

On the difficulty scale, make sure the topic falls somewhere in between curing cancer and measuring garden slug growth. Any suggestions on where to start?

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For example, I live on a farm and I love living in a rural. This is a great question. Politics of project design. Is my project supported by evidence provided through existing literature?

I was not looking for a micromanager. We are always ready to help our clients in any difficult situation and at any time of the day. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Find out if your topic is of any interest. Another area I have lot of interest in is the elderly. Remember, you know more about your project than the committee.

If you work it right, you can shave weeks if not months off of the time. One of the best ways to ensure your DNP project accomplishes your objectives is to ask yourself questions to make sure the project meets the required standards:.