The recent technical development of multidetector CT MDCT has contributed to a substantial increase in its diagnostic applications and accuracy in children. A total number of MDCT coronary angiograms were carried out at our institution between the period of April and October Virtual unenhanced images were reconstructed from contrast-enhanced DE data. Diagnosis with 64 slice multidetector CT. To investigate the feasibility of using multidetector -row computed tomography CT duodenography to stage duodenal polyposis in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis.

MR-enteroclysis and MR-virtual colonoscopy could be performed with much lower risk for the patient, in terms of radiation dose or contrast adverse effects. We report novel CT signs that are unique for transection, such as complete cutoff sign transection of bowel loop , Janus sign abnormal dual bowel wall enhancement, both increased and decreased , and fecal spillage. Acquisition of multiple thin overlapping slices provides excellent two-dimensional 2D and three-dimensional 3D reformations of the urinary tract. Time measurements summarized for different CT protocols revealed the following: A typical anatomy was found in 53 cases

ct urography thesis

For all cases, 3D hand segmented contours were obtained as reference standard and used for the evaluation of the computerized segmentation accuracy. Alderson is a Fellow in the Department of Radiology; Dr.

CT urography for hematuria.

MR- urography and CT-urography: Ureteral strictures may be the result of prior surgery or instrumentation, stone passage, primary urothelial neoplasms, penetrating injuries, prior radiation therapy, ischemia, retroperitoneal fibrosis, endometriosis, metastatic tumor encasement, or an infectious disease e.

Comparison with hydro- multidetector -row CT. Recto-sigmoid endometriosis has to be differentiated from other diseases of large bowel, especially in patients without a history of endometriosis. Comparison of post contrast CT urography tnesis in bladder cancer detection. Extrapulmonary TB is rare and renal TB is one of the commonest manifestations. Aim of the work: MSCT can be useful in palaeopathology, seeking arthropathy, infection, oral pathology, trauma, tumours, haematological disorders, stress indicators or occupational stress in bones and teeth.


Multidetector CT technology, in combination with interactive manipulation of the raw dataset, can be useful in the creation of multiplanar reconstructed images and in the identification of a venous injury caused by blunt trauma. Copyright Blackwell Science Pty Ltd. Congenital anomalies of the kidneys and ureters Congenital anomalies of the kidneys, including horseshoe kidney, renal ectopia with or without crossed-fusion,hypertrophied column of Bertin, and renal agenesis sometimes with a genesis or cystic dilatation of the ipsilateral seminal vesicleare all well depicted by CT urography.

We also observed if it was possible to determine the mass, ureteral stricture and enhancement of the ureteral wall, etc. Venous injuries as a result of blunt trauma are rare. MDCT was promising in the management of traumatized children and seems to shorten the necessary time to reach diagnosis and to initiate life-saving treatment.

Imaging of pancreatic adenocarcinoma with emphasis on multidetector CT. The number, size and course of the renal arteries and veins are easily identified by MDCT angiography.

CT urography: Review of technique and spectrum of diseases

For broad routine clinical application, there is still a need for dose reduction protocols despite the ongoing technical developments in MSCTU. We tried to reconstruct multiplanar reconstructions MPR in the same plane as the histopathologic cross-section, and we evaluated the histopathologic findings of the false-positive urograpyh.

ct urography thesis

Current status of multi-detector row helical CT in imaging of adult acquired pancreatic diseases and assessing surgical neoplastic resectability. Da das Ausscheidungsurogramm durch die Ausscheidungsaufnahme der CT-Urographie CTU weitgehend abgeloest ist, wurde bei weiblichen Beckentumoren oder deren Urogrwphy der Zusammenhang zwischen CTU-Befunden und nachfolgenden operativen urologischen Massnahmen retrospektiv von 2 unabhaengigen Auswertern geprueft.

Quantitative assessment of bone defect healing by multidetector CT in a pig model. Eighty-four patients referred for haematuria underwent CT urography using a protocol that included single-energy unenhanced and dual-energy contrast-enhanced with synchronous nephrographic-excretory phase scans.


Superficial tumors may be undetectable, which is one of the reasons why cystoscopy remains the gold standard for evaluation of the bladder. CTand its use in The ureter phantom consisted of a water box 14 cm x 32 cm x 42 cm with five parallel plastic tubes diameter 2. Hrography resulting images allow for an accurate high-resolution assessment of morphological detail of both the coronary arteries and the cardiac chambers.

CT urography for hematuria.

These diversions may be imaged on CTU. Although the current capabilities of 3-D workstations offer many possibilities for alternative analysis of MCDT data, substantial improvements both in automated processing, processing speed and user interface will be necessary to realize the vision of replacing the primary analysis of transverse reconstruction’s with alternative analyses.

Uroyraphy evaluated the causes of hematuria in 34 of 48 patients. The radiolucent filling defects should be differentiated from multifocal uroepithelial carcinoma, in which they are usually not as numerous.

Urogrphy include normal variation, congenital anomalies, trauma, infection, axillary lymphadenopathies, soft tissue tumors and bone tumors.

We then review the results of comparative studies of CT-Urography with conventional urography in upper urinary tract diagnostics. Unfortunately, regarding duplex kidney with prolonged dilatation, the affected parenchyma and tortuous ureters demonstrate a lack of or delayed excretory opacification. Planning and programming was most time-consuming for CT angiography, whereas chest and abdominal CT needed only 3: