We can knock out a game of Viticulture or two in an hour or if we really want to chuck dice, we can play Fuse six times in the time it takes to knock out CV. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I have no idea why the box is the size that it is as the components could fit into something half of what is currently available. Life as a personal trainer with early retirement did not play out well. This game is for some people but not for us. The comments from people that have played seem to indicate that the game leads to some good stories, so the appeal might be in creating your life story and narrating it as you go.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Event cards are added to your hand. It makes the game simple to grasp and will capture players interest and imagination immediately. CV is a really cute card based board game where you and your opponents get to create your lives from childhood to old age The game is for players and takes an hour to play.

A few days ago last year, we announced were having a boy. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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bggg This continues through early adulthood, middle age, and old age. Santa and my family were very good to me: When the game order returns to the first player, the leftmost card on the board is removed from the game.

CV comes with 87 cards 12 childhood, 26 early adulthood, 20 middle age, 17 old age, 8 life goal, and vurriculum reference cards ; a board; 7 dice; 49 tokens; a scorepad; and a pencil.


Granted, if more expansions become a thing then the extra space will be worthwhile but for now, it really ticks me off as it takes up needed space with its unnecessary size.

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These three cards are the building blocks of their young lives. This is a game where you are rolling dice, collecting cards, and tangibly creating a narrative between those cards. On the flip side, if they roll three good luck symbols, they can take a card from the supply for free.


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But those are outside your control as you leave your fate in the hands of the dice gods. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The replayability of this game is sadly quite low. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

curriculum vitae bgg

Learn how your comment data is processed. Each die has six symbols — health, knowledge, relationship, money, good luck, and bad luck. I enjoy this game, I like the life goals making the winner unknown until you score at the end.

The cards that the artwork is printed on is standard card fare. The curriclum who gets the bicycle card starts the game, and receives the bicycle token in case they lose the card which is placed in front of them.

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Having children will decrease your financial standing, best summed up by Homer Simpson. CV is primarily a dice rolling game with set collection sprinkled about. From cradle to grave, map out your hopefully fabulous and successful life in this breezy dice-and-card game. In honor of Labor Day, have you played CV? I have no idea why the box is the size that cutriculum is as the components could fit into something half of what is currently available.


After the initial roll, players can set aside the dice they want to keep and reroll the dice they want to discard.

Game Buzz: CV

I know why the box is as large as it is: The game does include a plastic insert that holds all the pieces in place, which is nice, but it feels like it really draws your attention to how much dead space this box has. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I really need to give credit to Piotr Socha as their work breathes life into the game.

From reading the rules, it seems very straightforward mechanically. The months leading up to it, I slowly released board gaming photos which increasingly hinted at the pregnancy. My fiancee wants to like CV. When a deck runs out, if any player has half the number of CV cards as another player, they qualify for social assistance and can take a card from the board at no cost. Bitter sweet as vjtae have had a certain ginger floof on one of our laps when we played games at home over the past 20 months.