Estimating postfire survival of Douglas-fir in the Cascade Range. International Journal of Wildland Fire 6: A qualitative simulation framework in Smalltalk based on fuzzy arithmetic. Using analytical tools for decision making and program planning in natural resources: Pages in E.

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Pages in T. Pages in E.

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Effects of climate on radial growth of Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii in the Siskiyou MountainsOregon. Page in E. Preserving Nature viyae the National Parks.

Journal of Forestry Toward a global network of mountain protected areas. Managing for multiple resources under climate change.


Pages xxx in D. Douglas-fir growth in mountain ecosystems: Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association Effects of environmental stress on tree growth and forest ecosystems. University sdj LundLundSweden. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science A qualitative simulation framework in Smalltalk based on fuzzy arithmetic.

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Guide to xzy treatments in dry forests of the western United States: Predicting conifer species distribution in mountain forests of Washington state, USA. Applying knowledge-based methods to design and implement an air quality workshop. Help Center Find new research papers in: Estimating postfire changes in production and value of northern Rocky Mountain-Intermountain rangelands. From open to closed canopy: Sensitivity of forest growth to climatic variability in the Olympic Mountains, Washington.

A multi-century perspective of variability in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation: Insights from sediment charcoal records. Growth trends of blue oak Quercus douglasii in California. Monitoring air quality in mountains: Mountain ecology and subalpine forest ecology.


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Managing forest structure and fire hazard — a tool for planners. Planning for implementation of long-term resource monitoring programs. The Northwest Environmental Journal 7: Growth responses of subalpine fir Abies lasiocarpa to climatic variability in the Pacific Northwest. Resource management on public lands.

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Vegetation and landform database development. Forest structure and fire hazard in dry forests of the western United States.

curriculum vitae czy musi by  zdj cie

Space-time modelling of lightning-caused forest fires in the Blue Mountains, Oregon. The analytic hierarchy process and participatory decisionmaking.