Total population of the areas are , in which Dhaka 77 DMB a. Climate change, on its own, does not directly displace people or cause them to move but it produces environmental effects and exacerbates current vulnerabilities that make it difficult for people to survive where they are. Bangladesh Government is also concerned about the displaced people due to adverse impacts of climate change. So, it is a consensus now that Bangladeshi poor people are facing hell-like sufferings for climate change induced hazards

Ministry of Food and Disaster Management. There are various causes behind the migration. During the study period, only 6. Dozens of the tigers are feared to have drowned in Aila’s storm surge along with deer and crocodiles. Report of Educational Situation in Khulna District. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

As an evidence of early climate change, people along in the bangadesh zone bear testimony to rapid erosion of coastal islands, which may be attributed to aggressive wind-wave interaction with the coastal shorelines under a higher sea surface temperature regime This push factors include a natural disasters b development projects that involve changes in the environment c progressive evolution of the environment and d environmental consequences due to conflicts6.

They tried to survive in the areas for at least one week after Aila.

These changes, in turn, will likely result 1 Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Stuyd want to pay my hearty thanks to all team members of the study for their cordial efforts and hard work. May 25] Preliminary reports say that at least 1 lakh people were rendered homeless.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Famous US environmentalist and the founder of the Earth Policy Institute Lester Brown used the term of Environmental Refugee to attribute the emergence of addressing displaced people forced by environmental degradation and impacts of climate change The Aila victims’ density in midtown is lowest while it is highest at the boundary of the city. Following figure 1 shows the ratio of displaced people from where they were migrated. The rate of poverty in these areas is As a result the economy of Khulna city is degrading and social unrest are increasing due to boom of extreme poverty.


There is no authoritative definition or consensus regarding the terms and there are some significant differences between the terms. But the migrated people in Khulna from this area are less than Dacope and close to Batiaghata which was very mild affected by the cyclone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The Case for a Global Protocol. Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees or getting food and water support. The data shows that the earning members who are responsible to maintain their family members’ expenditure migrated first from the communities. Among the migrants highest people took place in the Daulatpur Thana Some intervening factors that facilitate or restrict migration include ease of transportation, family or social networks, economic ties and government policies such as trade and investment linkages, or social and cultural stury.

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Cyclone and Storm surge activity in Bangladesh will force at least 20 million Bangladeshis on the move, with ramifications for food and water supplies as well as disease epidemics The average number of family members found 5.

Tropical cyclones of the North Indian Ocean cyclone season. Unnayan Onneshan, Humanitywatch and Nijera Kori. But the global leaders showed less responsibility to mitigate the crisis A bangladrsh amount of money needed for building civic infrastructures like housing, electricity, water and sanitation facilities which are quite difficult for Bangladesh.


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Massive destruction occurred due to cyclone and associated storm surge that breached the earthen embankment as well as inundated agricultural land and households. Retrived on 12 Gangladesh from http: Among the total Aila refugee about 15, people took shelter in Khulna city and involved in odd jobs like rickshaw pulling, daily labour, temporary wages and agricultural labour.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. According to the survey, among the migrants only Besides these institutions are relatively in higher than the locality and so many forced migrants took shelter in.

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According to KCC, the total number of Rickshaw in the city is 17, whereas estimates of independent sources it is not less than 40, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science.

State Government in co-operation with the central counterparts took up the rescue and the rehabilitation program. Most of the inhabitants of these areas are small and marginal farmer, fisher folk, forest resource dependent communities and indigenous Munda people. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BMD ignored the stud position and high tide, and forecasted that the storm surge of cyclone Aila may not harm the localities.

To track the trend of displacements of the migrants of cyclone Aila; and iv.