According to KCC, the total number of Rickshaw in the city is 17,, whereas estimates of independent sources it is not less than 40, Dhaka 77 DMB a. Providing adequate food, safe water supply, standard health services, safe sanitation and quality education to the migrated people forced by cyclone Aila; 2. Initial Assessment of Cyclone Aila: Appropriate policy reformation actions for stopping saline water shrimp farming in the southwest coastal zone considering food security and traditional livelihoods of the region. For this reason, active participation of the Aila migrants was very tough. The Red Cross also quickly responded, supplying water purifying tablets and other relief items.

Bangladesh Government is also concerned about the displaced people due to adverse impacts of climate change. They have also estimated that the loss would be around Rs crore. The total area of Khulna City Corporation is Massive destruction occurred due to cyclone and associated storm surge that breached the earthen embankment as well as inundated agricultural land and households. People are always migrating from one place to another since the very beginning of human history as the earth’s climate has never been stable. Besides, migrants from Shyamnagar and Assasuni Upazila of Satkhira district and Mongla Upazila of Bagerhat district also took shelter in the city. Skip to main content.

Rainfall amounts peaked at This may happened from unity of socioeconomic condition, insecurity of job and also urban amenities related unconsciousness. The rate of poverty in these areas is Forced Migration Review, OctoberIssue 31 Archived from the original on May 21, In some areas, cyclone shelters were also flooded and unusable due to inadequate location selection process and poor maintenance.


In that case, the migration scenario might be 33 http: Despite warnings to remain at port, numerous fishing vessels sailed into the storm.

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It is realized that climate change is not preventable, but it is possible to protect societies and economies from nature’s vicissitudes to some extent by devising appropriate structural and non-structural measures such as providing better information, improved planning and more climate-resilient infrastructure. OctoberIssue 31; www. Primarily the people took shelter in the local educational institutions and from where all of the educational materials washed out by the storm surge.

Actually the study deals with the cyclone Aila migrants of the southwest coastal region who have taken shelter in the Khulna city after forcibly displaced from their traditional home. The administrative management is another big question. The ratios of different livelihoods are shown in figure 3. The poorest and the poor communities had left their areas at the first shaking of cyclone Aila as they have to live on hand to mouth and totally depend on daily income through labour.

Foundation for the Future. As a result, numbers of male respondents are larger than female respondents in this study.

Renowned International media e. Among total labour force of the affected bangladehs All of the Shyamnagar, Dacope and Koyra Upazilas are adjacent to the Sundarbans, the largest single tract mangrove forest in the world, and exposed to the Bay of Bengal. Cyclone toll rises to 45, rescue ops begin”. All transit systems in the city of Kolkata were halted and daily life was at a standstill due to the storm. Among them information has been collected from persons which is only 0.


cyclone aila bangladesh case study

The study clearly illustrates that hand in hand activities of members of the community is needed to develop their capacities to prevent, prepare for, cope with and respond to disasters. Since a major part of these Rickshaw Pullers are unskilled, road accidents are increasing day-by-day at an alarming rate It changed the total scenario. Severe Cyclonic Storm Aila at peak intensity. But the national and local newspapers reported that at leastpeople had to migrate to the cities including the neighbouring countries due to the disaster According bangladssh Norwegian Refugee Council NRCmore than 42 million people were displaced in by natural disasters in which more than 38 million by climate related disasters.

Another outbreak of water borne diseases, namely dysenteryhas infected over 3, people. Almost all of the reserved ponds have been submerged by the storm surge following cyclone Aila and contaminated with salinity and massive water scarcity spread out.

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Dhaka 63 Wikipedia, undated. According to KCC, the total number of Rickshaw in the city is 17, whereas estimates of independent sources it is not less than 40, More thanpeople were reportedly isolated by severe flooding in coastal regions of Bangladesh.

Unnayan Onneshan, Humanitywatch and Nijera Kori.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

The Wall Street Journal. This study may be the first step to examine the socio-economic situation of the displaced people through a participatory approach.