Garcia will have to work with the BOE to hire their replacements. Garcia being formally approved on February He is the current Superintendent of Plano District 88, where he also serves as Chief Financial Officer and manages Facilities and Operations for the district. The community may not like it, but if anyone leaves money on the table they are hypocrites to also suggest NOT cutting programs or other budget line items that the district cannot afford any longer and ignore capital needs. So what is our initial impression of Dr. We believe that administrators, especially those in the central office, must come to our district with wide-ranging experience and not have to learn how to do their job after arriving here. Of course, time will tell how successful Dr Garcia is as D’s superintendent.

Students should read one of the books, which were selected by current students, faculty, and staff, over the summer. All of these expenditures drove the budget into deficit — but a deficit that was hidden in the shadows because the administration had failed to budget for the needed capital expenditures at 8 of our schools. The BOE has already agreed to those cuts. He has presented extensively at the state and national level on administrative and collaborative topics, as well as implemented professional learning communities PLCs. Dada for finally telling the community what the true state of the district’s budget is.

We may not like it, but that is the reality of the situation D finds itself in.

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One can only wonder why these efficiencies were not identified sooner, and how much smaller the deficit would be if they had been implemented three years ago. Garcia has worn many hats. Excuse us while we cry FOUL!!!!

If required, the public schools must pay for those programs. The community may not like it, but if anyone leaves money on the table they are hypocrites to also uomework NOT cutting programs or other budget line items that the district cannot afford any longer and ignore capital needs.


This will be our final post for the foreseeble future and hopefully for good.

Graduation Day Programs for Seniors, Class of White’s current contract, Dr. We, the bloggers, are excited at the possibility that Dr.

d181 homework website

White identified what Surma’s role would be when he told the press: Interested in a keepsake homeeork after the ceremony ends? D is currently in a mess. Posted by The Parents at 9: We are baffled by Mr. We waited until today to publish this final post so that we could opine on the BOE’s discussion at Monday’s meeting on the upcoming budget cuts.

If they are not required, then public schools need only offer what they can afford. During Board discussions leading up to the levy rate determinations over the last four years, the BOE told the adminsitration it would always find a aebsite to pay for NEEDS, but the adminstration would have to identify them.

In order to attract a highly qualified and experienced superintendent and expect him to leave a job where he was given a 5 year extension requires paying top dollar. Take the time to listen to the Podcast because you will first hear Mr. We actually agree with Dr. Home Our School “.

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Did any of these promised things actually take place? So what is our initial impression of Dr.

d181 homework website

Garcia and is eagerly anticipating his July start. Please see this link for a live feed or to purchase a keepsake video: He is the first administrator in years to realize that the district is in financial trouble and that the administration acted in homewor, completely irresponsible manner our words, not his by blindly recommending unnecessary luxury facilities’ improvements and curriculum, technology and transportation expenditures that it could not really afford.


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Graduating seniors will have full hkmework of their Chromebooks; shortly after graduation, the IT department will be removing the devices from the D86 Google admin console and the devices will function without any restrictions in place devices will need to be restarted in order to clear the restrictions.

To begin, we are not going to opine on the specifics of the cuts that the BOE has already indicated it supports. If you have questions, please contact Hinsdale Central High School. Dada has identified, none of which impact our students. It is disheartening to realize that Don White failed to do so and will now waltz out of the fiscal mess his administration created, leaving it to the new superintendent to deal with.

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His duties could include bidding out contracts to find less expensive alternative business, or finding ways to save on transportation costs, according to White. Continuing to pay for wants that are not required by law should be suspended if to continue them will drive the district into financial ruin. He has over 22 years homeworkk educational homewofk in grades K through Grade Dada has shown no fear in telling it like it is.

The below video demonstrates how to create a quote in the new bookstore for the EZ Drop buyback.