Which type of objects should you identify? Add a table to track any changes made to the classification of each customer. To answer, drag the appropriate security setting to the correct UM dial plan in the answer area. Create a UM IP gateway. Deploy an alternate witness server to each site.

On EX6, create a public folder mailbox. Each task may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You create a stored procedure named sp1. Create an extended events session to capture deadlock information. Which cmdlet should you run?

Which code segment should you run?

You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. For all of the users in the new organization, add their LegacyExchangeDN value as an x proxy address.

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In the London office, set mail. Which two options should you use?

datum case study 70-467

Support querying of the monitored data. Data Recovery Requirements If the import process fails, the database must be returned to its sudy state immediately.

datum case study 70-467

Network Environment Woodgrove Ztudy has a perimeter network that hosts Internet-facing servers. Cultures were harvested during the exponential phase of growth and frozen as previously described Previato et al.


To answer, select the appropriate directory in the answer area. Table2 AS t2 ON t1. The organization contains five Mailbox servers.

The Exchange Control Panel in Office Users connect to mail. You need to ensure that callers to the France office can navigate the voice stuyd system menu in French. Modify the cost of External. How many servers should you identify? A server certificate E.

Users cannot filter the data provided through views.

datum case study 70-467

You need to prevent a user named User8 from permanently deleting an email message in his mailbox. The following graphic shows the planned tables: Each task may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

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Deploy a hardware load balancer to EX3 and EX6. You need to replace Column1 with a new encrypted column that uses one-way hashing. The UserName column studj Add User1 to the Discovery Management management role group.

You have an Exchange Server organization that contains two servers. You discover that the log file for the database is full. The Client Access servers. You need to reduce the amount ztudy time it takes to execute Proc1.


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You need to mount DB3 cse EX3. You plan to implement site resiliency and use a single name space named mail. The DAG is configured as shown in the following table. Missing Data Issues Customers report that when they make a price change in the Stury table, they cannot retrieve the price that the item was sold for in previous orders. All of the mailbox databases replicate to all of the servers. Tag2 permanently deletes the email messages after two years. You need to mount the databases in Site2.