When the Cyclone touches coastal area, what are the effects of that? Solve Unseen Passage No. Click the image to see DPS Riyadh. Complete the given worksheet in your project file. School will be closed for Winter Vacations from Wednesday, 23 rd December to.

Class II Holiday Homework What measures were taken to minimize the after math devastation of cyclones? August, November and March. Test, Identify shapes, Make series, Angel game, More information. Students can take help for Page 73 of their Art Book but be creative and use your imaginative skill.

Solve five years paper onwards. Write an incident about making an important decision of your life. We are going to take up certain responsibilities and also enjoy our holidays with our.

Deepmanika Sanskrit Abeyas Prashan Page,, tak likhit.

Make a collage on Eco-friendly method of saving environment. To meet the expectations of this unit, students should already know how the appearance of some organisms change over time. We are going to take up certain responsibilities and also enjoy our holidays with our More information.


Fragrance English Riiyadh Practice Worksheets 3.

Dps riyadh holiday homework for class 5

A 2 October 22 S. Delhi Public School Service Before. To help you gain a better understanding of your skills, interests More information. Make a project on Satluj Public School web page minimum 3 web pages. School in January Marks will be added in your HW assessment.

Holidayy study based on OTBA will be given to students. Identify colors and numbers Develop reading skills using pictures to identify. Do Unseen Passage No. Exercise of Miscellaneous from Application of Derivation and Definite Integrals to be done thoroughly.

Holidays Homework

Make a project on Topic Sh. Prepare an assignment on A4 Sheet on types of numbers with suitable examples. Dialogue Writing Topic Cleanliness. Class II Holiday Homework The linguistic diversity of India More information.

Happy Winter Holidays

Write counting in French 1 to on A4 sheet. Reading, writing, speaking and listening More information.

dps riyadh holiday homework 2014

Make a collage on Sania Mirza on A4 size sheet. Planning and assessment Planning Assessment Contents Contents Introduction School essentials Writing essentials Essential characteristics of writers Reading essentials Essential characteristics of readers Communication essentials Essential characteristics More information.


Not Your Grandma s Book Report: The unit is designed to guide riyafh planning More information. Reading, writing, speaking and listening. FA-1 Activity Step 1: Do the given worksheet of make sentences. Subject Description Pages No of Note.

Summer Vacation homework for the Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary sections for the upcoming classes is uploaded on the website. But are supposed to make us irresponsible kids? Do the given worksheet. Welcome to Delhi Public School.

dps riyadh holiday homework 2014