Another strategy that could work is partnering with a popular television program or event. Partner with local stores The research shows that most Hispanics shop at local mom-and-pop stores, convenience stores, and bodegas. Data suggests that in U. Currently Squirt has the highest customer awareness among their competitors. A Hybrid campaign is the best option for Squirt. Also Squirt can evaluate the current sales in Mexico and take responsibility of sales and marketing which it currently lacks. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

One of the opportunities is the growing trend of US consumers drinking habits. Coca-Cola also introduced Citra a sugared counterpart to Fresca in in southeastern and southwestern United States with marketing towards Spanish speaking markets. It is already has brand name recognition in the Mexican market, hence while targeting the Hispanic population Squirt will have a competitive edge over his competitors who are also targeting the same market fiercely. Such a campaign would have to be carefully thought out and the recommendation is for Cox to identify a celebrity or fad that is popular amongst year olds, regardless of race. Squirt brand of Dr.

Consumer research conducted by Dr.

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Also, considering the fact that Squirt is already popular among the Mexicans, can be used as a positive sign for this venture. S population is Hispanic and African- American. There should also be heavy consideration placed into advertising in specific languages for the Hispanic market, as In marketing to these sects based on their respective options there will be a growth in sales for Squirt by focusing on television advertisements and Hispanic magazine full page ads that are fully in Spanish.

The Hispanic market is relatively youthful. This information prompts a wise decision to target these ethnic- racial groups to increase the market share of the squirt flavored carbonated drink. A strong sense of community exists that can help perpetuate the product if made available to local places and advertised on a local level by making sure to build ties with the local community and shop owners.


The advertisements would be culturally specific, and most would be in Spanish, as the majority of the Hispanic population prefers to see ads in Spanish as opposed to English.

However, this type of campaign can be very expensive. The median age is twenty-five compared to the US median age of thirty-five. Eppper/7up strategy can potentially open up a large and ever growing market segment in the soda industry. Squirt brand Case specifically for you. It can be marketed as refreshing, thirst quenching and a take on freedom for the current demographic yet still positioned as a young adult refreshing drink.

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This could have a direct effect on costs and lead time deficiencies. Although squirt remains one of the best selling brands among citrus flavored drinks, still the study of Squirts sales volume has shown a slow decline in recent years.

It is already has brand name recognition in the Mexican market, hence while targeting the Hispanic population Squirt will have a competitive edge stuyd his competitors who are also targeting the same market fiercely.

The flat sales of Peppwr/7up need to be boosted before competing brands begin to erode the market share enjoyed by Squirt, therefore to safeguard against this Kate Cox, brand manager at Dr.

Research also indicated that Squirt advertising effectively communicated the fun and thirst-quenching method. Such a campaign would reach all year olds as well as all Hispanics, regardless of age.

Dr Pepper – 7up, Inc. – Squirt Case

Squirt however lacks a bottler in the large metropolitan area of New York. CSD are popular among individuals aged 20 — Brooks Products changed the formula, logo, and repositioned the brand as a mainstream soft drink.


dr pepper/7up squirt case study

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Coca- Cola and Pepsi show more aggressive for of advertising and promotion of products Consumer. In addition, by changing their marketing focus, they could lose the and the markets that they currently do very well in. Squirt should not try to compete with Mountain Dew directly for two reasons: S the consumers drink more carbonated drink then tap water. One of the external opportunities Squirt has is appealing to the younger, work hard, play harder market.

All four contain caffeine and are of the citrus variety.

dr pepper/7up squirt case study

The competition due to better marketing budgets and techniques from the two main competitors Coca cola and Pepsi and changing market trends can bring the market share down for Squirt. It was a new carbonated soft drink that required less fruit and less sugar to produce hence it was quite famous during WWII.

They also combine to be the third largest soft drink company in the United States. This pepper/7p compared to only an increase of Based on consumer research, Squirt scored higher than the competition on thirst quenching attributes. Is it beneficial to follow recommendation of Foote, Cone and Belding of targeting and positioning Squirt or should old methods be followed or there should be some new innovative methods to increase srudy and promotion of Squirt?