Give the discrete time linear system equations that govern the evolution of the state distribution. For complex matrices or vectors we define the Hermitian conjugate as the complex conjugate of the transpose. You can assume that vi is on the order of a few tens of nanseconds. Carry out the following steps. Now, finally, we come to the problem. It generalizes the notions of left-inverse and right-inverse: For each of these models, find the least-squares fit to the given data.

Find the matrix D that represents D i. This is called an n, m code. In this problem we refer to vectors in RN as signals. If your method requires a rank assumption to work, state the assumption. We want just your answer, which will consist of lists of mutually equivalent statements; we do not need any justification. There are also matrices for which it does hold, e. Each route monitors the congestion for the links along its route.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

Still, you can solve it with material we have covered. For some statements, there may be more than one correct answer; we will accept any correct one. Note that these two expressions agree with the definitions you already know when the vectors are real. Show both force profiles eolutions a single plot.

No justification or discussion is needed for your answers. The objective J is a weighted sum of e2e63 squares of our two residuals. Here is the twist: Give an explicit expression for k. If we are really unlucky, the system will fail in such a way that y is still consistent.


Give K, your estimate of the DCT bandwidth of y. Suggest a name for the method you invent. So just ignore this while doing this problem.

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Before we get to the questions, we define a matrix that may be useful. Smoothing relies on the idea that users who are friends tend have similar values of the parameter. We will consider two hhomework methods to choose x. Plot J versus iteration k, with J on a logarithmic scale, and k on a linear scale, using the command semilogy.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

In the general case solutione output would also be a vector; but for simplicity here we consider the scalar output case. The complete array is obtained by putting the entries of wknown soluions wunknown into the correct positions of the array. You are told k, the number of nonzero entries in x, but not the particular indices of the entries of x that are nonzero.

Note that this condition is a stronger condition than the estimator being unbiased. For i odd, yi depends only on xj for j even. Let u and y be two time series input and output, respectively.


What is your method? But you must state this clearly. Tridiagonal matrices arise in many applications. Explain how to find such a power allocation when it exists. You are welcome even encouraged to express your solution in terms of block matrices, formed from the given data. Note that this equation correctly expresses flow conservation regardless of the signs of f4f5and f6. Repeat for another reasonable, but different initial guess for the parameters.

Do not hesitate to use matlab.

Rsa homework solutions

Your method should not be complicated or require a long explanation. Give the values of the weights. Points will be deducted from correct answers that are substantially longer than they need to be, or are confusing to us.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

The path gain from transmitter j to receiver i is Gij which are all nonnegative, and Gii are positive. At node i, an external information flow si which is nonnegative enters.