They tend to increase in future, as we keep providing fuel to them. Is Scotland more conservative in social values than England? Industrialization of the United States Essay. Without the Industrial Revolution, there would have been no transportation, which is a main contributer to the spread of knowledge, goods and people. It has not ended poverty. Industralisation has given us stuff but I’m not sure it’s the abundant life Christ spoke off. There are means to control and check the colossal wastage of human energy that can be used otherwise.

Words a in bane or a boon will not be published. I am just agreeing with the people who agreed with me. How is diversity a boon for India? Should the term US Latinos and Hispanics be interchangeable? But for these cricketers and actors, it is just a matter of smashing a couple of boundaries and shaking legs for a few minutes. But these changes have their merits and demerits.

Human progress now-a-days is measured in terms of industrial potentialities and prosperity. This has entered in each and every walk of life. A number of substitutes in consumer goods are available.

Some regard it as a boon while others consider it as a bane. Capitalistic ethics with a craving for more and more money seem to dominate and influence millions of people.

God bless america and hail satan. People who are in the offices or factories are stuck doing the same thing very day and for what?

essay on industrialisation boon or bane

Is it possible that industrialization was a mistake? Is congress a curse on India?


For instance, let us see the magic of transformation that has happened to cricketers and actors. Industrialization has resulted in a considerable rise in the standard of living of the people. Society needs to acknowledge that industry and technology are good for ot due to the fact that we become more advanced and progressive.


The rapture is not upon us it happened already. I thnk the term industilization is not only attractive but also destructive.

Industrialisation or industrialization is the period of do not consider contemporary industrialisation policies as industrialisation. Industrialksation conclusion, the pros outway the cons and the Industrial Revolution is important to the overall development of society.

The general dirty and unhealthy conditions in and around the industrial sites have affected human health and happiness. Has India completed its industrialization?


essay on industrialisation boon or bane

This is a debatable question, many think it as boon and many historians term it as a cure. In the depression ofthe game of blaming unemployment on the machines started all over again.

As the initial handful population of the world has increased over billions, gradually the human civilization has improved as well. I did not want to write a supporting argument. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in the Industrial Rev.

But who says a curse can’t be benefited from. That is, until the industrial revolution.

Is industrialisation a boon or a bane?

The Industrial Revolution’s inventions led to many of the inventions that we have today in terms of development. After independence the planning commission tried to bridge that gap and is still to do so.


The increase in vehicular traffic, launching of space ships and rockets by competing nations, the incessant working of machines in factories have brought in noise-pollution and dust and smoke. Boon Or a Bane Industrialization did industrialize great Britain but the workers of these industries suffer. Ineustrialisation a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There are a number of things which had absolutely no or minimum importance before the industrialisatlon of technology.

essay on industrialisation boon or bane

Life isn’t just about being a farmer with land available to you and a barn essau some animals. We can industrialisatiin the water bodies got pollluted by the harmful effulents released by the factories without proceesing them. But nowadays, we are witnessing that the advent of industrialization and highly sophisticated technologies; instead of providing quality, value, peace of mind and happiness, they have boomeranged on us and proving to be counterproductive for our well being.

They tend to increase in future, as we keep providing fuel to them.

The gradual displacement of manpower in industries is ultimately leading to unemployment. We have compromised on the quality of life, in exchange for a short-term convenience.