Order our Rappaccini’s Daughter Lesson Plans. There are PaperStarter entries for all of these. Mid-Book Test – Hard. One Week Quiz A. This beautiful and lush place can easily be compared to the Garden of Eden, whereby Beatrice plays Eve, and Giovanni is the Adam that is introduced and subsequently induces the Fall from grace. Mid-Book Test – Easy. Misery, to be able to quell the mightiest with a breath?

Mid-Book Test – Easy. Eight Week Quiz A. Two Week Quiz A. The antidote works, however Rappaccini dies because the poisons in the plant were her life, and without them she cannot live. Rappaccini’s Daughter from BookRags.

Mid-Book Test – Hard.

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View a FREE sample. Eight Week Quiz D. What problems does the story suggest Rappaccini had in the past to become the man he did? View the Study Pack. Dost thou deem it misery to be endowed with marvelous gifts, against which no power nor strength could avail an enemy?

Woudst thou, then, have preferred the condition of a weak woman, exposed to all evil and capable of none? Eight Week Quiz A. If they should be cruel to one another, who was there to be kind to them?

Rappaccini’s Daughter: a Study Guide

Short Answer Questions Key. Like the case in other very similar plots in the works of Hawthornewhen Giovanni decides to breech her space, he is infected as well, however, it is his heartlessness that causes Beatrice to take the supposed antidote that leads to her death.


Eight Week Quiz Rappaccins. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the text by Nathaniel Hawthorne they are referring to.

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Mid-Book Test – Medium. What suggestions are there in the story that their relationship may have been like this? Final Test – Easy. What comment does their abuse of the two youngsters make on the nature of science, daugghter and the intellect? Rappacfinis Giovanni, given his last words to her, really love her, or was he perhaps as enamored with her poison as he was with the potential of her love?

Order our Rappaccini’s Daughter Lesson Plans.

What can be said for the possibility of Eden in this story? More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Rappaccini’s Daughter. Eight Week Quiz B. Although Giovanni knows some of what Rappaccini is using his daughter for in his experiments, he is ignorant of the full extent. It is clear that Rappaccini is the least innocent of all of the characters in this short story.


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Final Test – Medium. What new meaning does the story bring to the Old Testament text? Indeed, once he meets Beatrice, he convinces himself that all of the things he had seen regarding her prior to his entry into the garden were figments of his imagination. Four Week Quiz A. Eight Week Quiz F. Short Essay Questions Key.

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Qquestions Norton Anthology of American Literature. Mid-Book Test – Easy. Do you suppose that Baglioni knew of the effects his poison would have on the young girl? Eight Week Quiz C. This brilliant scientist succeeded biologically in creating a beautiful and virtuous daughter, and he succeeded through his experiments in making her deadly to get close to. What do you think Bagilioni’s relationship with Rappacchini was like before they became enemies?

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