These professors are identified in the graduate calendar section for each program. Please include your student ID number in emails and voicemails. This way you are less likely to see your thesis as a big, daunting project. The degree will not be conferred and no transcript will be issued if a student has not paid all debts to the University. This report is intended as a monitoring and self-evaluation tool and can be effective only if it is taken seriously.

The deadline for submitting a revised thesis is one session, unless an extension is obtained from the FGPS. After a student has submitted his or her thesis, there are really two phases: They must allow the student to prepare for the defence or, if necessary, to make revisions. Revising a thesis based on feedback from the thesis supervisor, advisory committee and from the examiners following submission is an important part of the thesis preparation process. Make sure you have this information before approaching them. Au the candidate is incapable of making such major moment de remettre le formulaire Rapport du jury revisions. Include on the title page the:

fgps thesis submission

They should ask themselves whether they are enthusiastic enough about a topic area to sustain this enthusiasm over the period of time it will take to prepare the thesis or research paper. However, while a written agreement can be very useful, one of the keys to a successful supervisor—student relationship is good communication and mutual trust.

If the publisher is willing to grant permission, the student should ask how long it will take to get permission and what the conditions will be. On the uO Research Web site, to which there is a link from the FGPS Web site, there is a checklist students can use to make sure they have completed all necessary fps.


fgps thesis submission

Be sure to review the Thesis Examination Policy. Other important resources As well as this guide, students should consult their academic unit, their supervisor, and the FGPS Web site.

The embargo request form must be submitted to the FGPS before you deposit your thesis online.

Thesis Requirements

Submisson a student has submitted his or her thesis, there are really two phases: Make sure you are well-informed before you approach any potential supervisors. The oral presentation will normally be about 20 minutes long, followed by questions from the examiners and supervisor. The issue of who owns intellectual property in a variety of circumstances must be discussed by the student and thesis supervisor as early as possible.

fgps thesis submission

Remember there are many kinds of editing you might have to do. Form – List of examiners for the evaluation of the thesis PDF. The thesis will be evaluated and subsequently defended in front of a jury.

Time Limits and Time Management Doctoral thesis A doctoral thesis is read by a board of no fewer than four examiners. In some disciplines, the text may be shorter. Organize data storage and retention Some specific responsibilities are outlined in Appendix I.

Thesis Requirements – Current Grad Students

A thesis proposal may start out being vague, but as the student works on the proposal and discusses it with his or her supervisor, the proposal should outline: Submission of Dissertation Complete and submit the following forms to be provided at your defence by the chair: Since there is usually only one examiner and no oral defence, the time from submission to final approval may be as short as four weeks.

Students whose thesis does not win a prize are entitled to include in their curriculum vitae the fact that it was recommended.

Speak to your thesis supervisor about tbesis that may be offered at the University to address what you perceive as shortcomings in your abilities. Supervisors and co-supervisors can only sign this form if they are convinced that the thesis meets standards for the discipline and program of study.


Other units of measurement may be mentioned if absolutely necessary as long as metric equivalents are also provided. Time management Eubmission who supervise theses and students who have completed theses say one of the key challenges a student encounters while preparing a thesis is making the best use of the time submission to complete the task. The degree will not be conferred and no transcript will be issued if a student has not paid all debts to the University.

Once the student and supervisor have discussed and agreed on the work plan, the student should give the supervisor a copy.

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An electronic copy of the dissertation will also be requested. Even without formal cross-appointment, professors often share research interests with professors in other departments and it may be possible to arrange co-supervision.

If the board of examiners determines that the thesis is ready for defence, then the second phase can commence. Before thinking about a supervisor, students should make sure they are committing to the area of study that most interests them.

The ethical standards for all academic research are to be observed in research paper and thesis preparation. The supervisor must be asked to withdraw while this decision is being made.