It reviews the recent literature on dark tourism and applies the concept to visits to concentration camps, focusing on the mixed motivations of visitors to these sites, and the role of the former camps as sites of education, memorialisation and tourism. Understanding Heritage and Memory , Ibid. The course of medicine gratis. My best friend essay in english words. The kite runner essay betrayal and redemption. Gamsat essay writing course. Memorialisation in Germany since , Basingstoke, Palgrave M

This aspect, along with the pristine nature of the site itself, did limit the emotional impact that the site made on me. This is also reflected in Marcuse 26 who argues that as time passes, the proportion of visitors with a personal connection to the Holocaust diminishes. Understanding Heritage and Memo Descriptive essay about a football field. Exemple dissertation critique plan dialectique. Some families posed for group photographs at the site, or smiling couples had their pictures taken together outside the gatehouse or the barracks. Other sites only became publically accessible decades later as they were put to other uses.

They may be sightseers on holiday in the vicinity who feel interested, or even obligated, to visit the former camp as another stop on their itinerary Expository essay about smoking.

fondation auschwitz dissertation

This undoubtedly forms a large percentage of visitors to former concentration camps. For example, a new modern visitor centre was opened in with a large cafeteria and bookshop. Thesis ideas for mental health. But there is always a danger that by making a site more accessible to tourists the message of the history of the camp becomes diluted or simplified, or the authenticity is compromised by the need to reconstruct camp structures, or modernise other parts of the site to create a tourist-friendly image.


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Smart business plans australia. Whilst a large proportion of these visitors are likely to be schoolchildren there on educational visits, and some may well be survivors and their relatives, or those remembering the fate of specific victims, the vast majority of visitors will have no personal connection to the events that happened there. Dachau is advertised by the Tourist Board in Munich, and the site is highly accessible to individual visitors via a short train ride from Munich and a bus that runs directly to the camp from outside Dachau train station.

Ft disserttation prize Tourists gather outside the gatehouse to Dachau memorial site. Current events essay topics. They do feel, however, that survivors and victims families only represent a very small proportion of the total visitors to the site.

Whilst it is clearly the case that some people will purposefully seek out sites of death and suffering for their travels, for many who visit these sites the motivations may be more multifaceted and less tourist-driven. Some families posed for group photographs at the site, or smiling couples had their pictures taken together outside the diwsertation or the barracks. This fascination with the Holocaust in auschwifz public consciousness continues to grow, perhaps as more recent atrocities bring the relevance of the Holocaust into sharper and sharper focus.

There is likely to be considerable overlap between groups who visit for remembrance, education and auschwiyz. The Attraction of Death and DisasterAndov Guide to writing a research paper apa style.

The concentration camp as a site of ‘dark tourism’

Consequently it is not generally ethically appropriate to approach visitors at the site, as it is difficult to ascertain what personal and emotional connection they may have to the events that happened there.


It also attracts a large tourist market, and has had to change to accommodate this. Essay on politics without ethics is a disaster. Business plan writer salary. Whilst this in itself should not be seen as problematic, some critics argue that increased accessibility to Holocaust sites changes the site itself as it caters for the demands of the tourist industry 6. Accessible sites may also attract attention from right wing groups and there have been numerous incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti, arson attacks, or thefts from the sites.

fondation auschwitz dissertation

Some of these camps were made open to the public just a few years after their liberation. This aspect, along with the pristine nature of the site itself, did limit the emotional impact that the site made on me. And how might they be compromised as historical and commemorative sites by the demands of tourism?

The management of sites of atrocities for tourism, New York, Cognizant Communication Corporation, The Education Department at the Dachau memorial site commented that some people may want a more emotional experience, but it is not their role to impose this on them.

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fondation auschwitz dissertation

How to cite an essay in apa. Shakespeare essay midsummer night’s dream. This makes research in the area challenging and subject to complex sensitivities.