Coastlines where the geology alternates between bands of hard and soft rock which are perpendicular to the shore are called discordant coastlines. Finally the last words to say have to be from Marcell The types of shops that will be around here are sports shops because that was also requested in the questionnaire a large amount of residents wanted this. Menu How to write a tax exempt letter template George meredith in his classic essay on comedy Under age drinking research paper. We would be sure to recommend this trip to other schools and future students. Despite the weather, the students in different class groups completed groyne and longshore drift LSD data. The research I did has shown me that in the last two hundred years the cliffs have moved back about one hundred metres – unless the coastline is protected soon the sea could break through and cut off the head causing it to form its own island.

Tourism In Swanage Geography Coursework For my geography coursework, my study site for my investigation was in Swanage. After a successful year of a Shanty Town project at Downe, winning the illustrious trip to Wales, and experiencing the high-quality lectures from Citizens UK and Peabody, for Year 10 Geography it concluded in Swanage! Tourism of course brings many benefits. Please check your email and follow the instructions we have sent so you can get your new password. Tourism in swanage geography coursework Towards the eastern end of town is Days Park, which includes a playing field, play area and gardens. If there are lots of high-order shops, there will be more people because they would not put a shop there if there were no people.

This caused the formation of Old Harry, a stack. I would like to thank the Geography department Miss Gaffney, Miss Mallon and Mrs Cooper for their hard work in making this trip a success. Conclusion From all of the statistics I have I will make a final conclusion that Swanage will gradually increase in population which would have more females than males.


According to the Bradshaw Model, the velocity gently increases downstream There are three factors which. Proof couesework the groynes effectively minimising erosion in Swanage Bay. The town also has the “Old Stable”, a Christian-led community centre in the town centre.

Coastal Management Study – Swanage by Harriet Clark on Prezi

Newer Post Older Post Home. From the photos you can understand why it has the label of ‘outstanding beauty’ as the views were stunning and even the weather coursewlrk sunny! A concordant coastline has the same type of rock along its length. The area around Swanage is made up goegraphy bands of hard and soft rock. This excursion involved collecting data to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

My hypothesis said that the further away from the CBD, the better the environmental quality. The bands of soft rock erode more quickly than those of the more resistant hard rock leaving a section of land jutting out into the sea, called a headland.

Yes the students worked extremely hard and were a testament to the Geography department and the academy, however there was always time for exploration and high jinx! Swsnage in swanage geography coursework, Pillow Mounds is directly across from.

geography swanage coursework

Lulworth Cove is situated on the south coast egography England, on a concordant coastline. The areas where the soft rock has eroded away, next to the headland, are called bays.

Swanage Geography Coursework

The types of shops that will be around here are sports shops because that was also requested in the questionnaire a large amount of residents wanted this. You might also be interested in It is only a few minutes drive from the resort of Swanage and Worth Matravers and Kimmeridge are quaint and very picturesque villages with a real country charm, and both are very popular with walkers.

geography swanage coursework

Gcse Geography Tourism Coursework – coppercone. In the summer months there is a carnival week which includes a procession of floats and dancers and several firework displays, and many other attractions and small events including live music from various bands from all over Southern Englandraces and a regatta.


Tourism In Swanage Geography Coursework

Over time Old Harry will collapse to form a stump. There was also time on Sunday for mass at the local Church in Swanage much to the delight of the Priest and the congregation who gave SPA a courseqork ovation at the end of the service.

From music festivals and carnivals to country fairs and outdoor cinema. The article cannot be complete without a personal appreciation of the exceptional work of the students who have made the trip for the teachers. Benga chilling on a geograpuy dune. Most of the cliffs here are soft clays and sands, with harder layers of ironstone in between. Its coastline has examples of many erosional and depositional landforms. Longshore Drift Over time, the sand, shingle and pebbles of a beach are swept along the beach by waves, and there will often be pebbles on a Swanage and Purbeck is full of independent and unique shops selling everything you need on a holiday or short-break.

Tourism in swanage geography coursework

The bid-rent theory was used to make these models, which are the burgess models and the hoyt model. Towards the eastern end of town is Days Goegraphy, which includes a playing field, play area and gardens. Lateef had the right idea when it started to downpour!

geography swanage coursework

The students saw an array of different Geography landforms that we had studied in class: There is a minor road connecting Swanage to East Lulworth via Corfe Castle but this passes through a military firing range and is closed during firing exercises.

On this page I will focus on a few questions in particular that will help prove my first hypothesis.