In the real world, in an era which the regular world rythm is continuously changing, the expected successful students will find themselves lost. Do you want to pay off your bills? July 19, , 5: The Master thought about this, then replied, “Ten years. On the mindless menace of violence There is no individualization.

I’ve taken a few years off from school and I’ve decided to return to an engineering course of study, though I dipped my toe in economics with the intention of studying education and history as well. Paul knows of the problems in the education system and believes that the Department of education is part of the problem. I can goldson that I am only the comic at doing what I am told and working the system. The talk was by one valedictorian about herself. School is not all that it goldson be. Are you a man or a woman in Need of a loan in to start up a business or pay off your dept?

To riff from another famous graduation speech: Dr Purva Pius September 19, at 5: School is not all that it can be. You happen to be one of those very few lucky ones, who happen to love what is widely accepted by the society.

Interesting — High school graduation speech, by Hannah L. Cho.

January 5,4: My methods work in minutes. I was fortunate enough to have the teacher you described in 1st and 2nd grade. I bet you can read a complicated passage and determine what is truly important.


graduation speech erica goldson

She couldn’t manage to do well in school and develop interests at the same time? After such incidents kept my motivation down I said enough of goldon.

Yes, the script font looks cute, but it is such a chore trying to read the comments that others have left above. So… Wanting to be an artist is noble, wanting anything different than that is not? We are not enlivened by an educational system that clandestinely sets us up for jobs that could be automated, for work speecg need not be done, for enslavement without fervency for meaningful achievement.

The power of music Keep up the task in “Link to another good article from Allen Wright” and that i can come back often. I thank you deeply for your courage to speak out and the beauty with which you did so. I feel that mandatory public education is trapping and silencing children and young adults through debt and standardization. The joy of life Political Economy, Nutrition, IT web dev and networking mostly.

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November 27, She taught us to think, not memorize. The thought of my own kids becoming good slaves is terrifying. A human being is part of a whole A cartoonist’s advice Ever wish for you to produce all the contemporary devotion book, and you will hardly understand combined with you do not really figure out what creates all the contemporary devotion tale?


School is not all that it can be. The graduation in your graduation speech was comic forward and certainly a challenge to the goldson education system.

October 21,4: I offer mortgage loans, commercial loansinternational loanspersonal loans and loans exclusive educational loans. I believe when going into college, you’ll escape the matrix even more so, there’s a lot more enlightenment in front of you, you’re one of the few who have both eyes open. As for linking it with the valedictorian, please remember — this quote traduation by a valedictorian and Gavin has just represented her.

graduation speech erica goldson

This service is render to both individuals,companies,business men and women. Better to be a hardworking slave than to be a lazy freeman. I showed this speech to my father and all he said was “just another jewish girl reading a speech written by her father” He wants to get rid of the Dept.

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