Learn how your comment data is processed. Have the opportunity to network with other experts and NEF Ambassadors and NEF Fellows, as well as top scientists, social scientists and technology leaders from around the world. The Youth Platform also offers a unique opportunity for cross-cultural understanding, as contest winners are invited to share their essays and engage in respectful dialogue with their peers from around the world. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – opportunitydesk. Administrators from Kimse Yok Mu, a Turkish aid organization, along with a group of Turkish businessmen paid a visit to an orphanage in Haiti and presented gifts to around orphans. Thank you students again for your participation, dedication and efforts!

Ending global poverty constitutes a major goal of humanity. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please enter your name here. For the entire international scene? I went to Bali and met of the best youth leaders and friends worldwide.

Gulen Institute Youth Platform How can I say, thank you? Instiute you for helping me put my dreams of empowering women and girls in action. An international essay contest.

Gulen institute international essay contest

Consider an acknowledgedly successful innovation to lessen poverty in a particular region to explore to what extent it can be customized for another setting? The contest challenges young minds to identify the obstacles to stable peace and social harmony and to offer possible solutions from their own cultural perspectives.

gulen institute youth platform essay contest 2015

Please enter your name here. Essay Scholarships; Good Student Scholarships. December 15, January 23, OD has gone a long way to bridge this gap, and I encourage all passionate young people to join this group. Turkish school shelters locals in earthquake-hit Nepal The Meridian International School in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu, founded by Turkish businessmen and educators inhas opened up its premises to locals after the city was hit by a powerful earthquake on Saturday that killed thousands, with several thousand others injured and seeking medical treatment and help.


Missing out is missing a whole lot of opportunities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Over essays from 65 countries and 35 states were submitted for the contest. Opportunity Desk is the one stop place for all global opportunities. But real, long term benefits for any society olatform be derived from the education of both advantaged and disadvantaged youths. Students are invited to address global challenges and propose potential solutions based on their own research and experience.

Contest winners will also be invited to participate in a platform held in Washington DC, at which they will have the opportunity to share their ideas and listen to their peers from around the world. platfotm

Gulen Institute Youth Platform Essay Competition

Gulen Institute Youth Platform is an international essay contest annually organized by the Gulen Institute at the University of Houston and is open for high school students in grades 9th through 12th enrolled in public or private schools all over the world.


Melissa Cara Marie Toronto, Canada. September 20, 0. If you republish this on your website, please provide a link to this post. In addition to participating in the award ceremony, students will have the opportunity to meet honorable U.

Gulen Institute Holds Youth Platform Awards in Washington, D.C.

Gulen Institute Youth Platform. There have been many innovative proposals and projects implemented to achieve this goal, several ways of measuring the results of innovative efforts, and considerable publicity to disseminate the results of the effective innovations. Jacqui Joseph Papua New Guinea. Comtest 15, http: This is an exciting opportunity for high school teachers and students.

Over essays from 22 states in the U. The event brought together students from several continents and very diverse backgrounds.

gulen institute youth platform essay contest 2015

Participants The contest is open for high school students in grades 9th through 12th enrolled in public or private schools all over the world. Glad I didn’t give up. Return to top of page.

gulen institute youth platform essay contest 2015

Liberata Mulamula the Ambassador of Tanzania and H. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Feel free to check out its website at www.