Victim of child abuse 3. We practitioners have watched in distress as our academic colleagues have said that predicting future violent acts cannot be done at a level better than chance, that in fact we have been over-predicting future violence, as evidenced in Baxtrom Baxtrom v. Appraising and managing risk. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The manual also provides studies of the HCR up to , a relatively scant literature consisting of reliability and validity studies in correctional, forensic psychiatric, and civil psychiatric settings. One of the better-researched sexual violence risk scales, the SORAG, requires a penile plethys- mograph evaluation of sexual arousal.

Fifty patients were recruited from a forensic hospital and 29 from a general psychiatric hospital. High density sex offenses Because the authors review the empirical support for each item, the manual serves as a structured review of the risk assessment literature, helpful when asked, “Doctor, how do you know that such-and-such is associated with violence? Both instruments will allow the practitioner to organize and communicate his or her thoughts clearly, perhaps the HCR given its conceptually clearer divisions more so than the SVR The HCR and the SVR, the focus of this review, are in the second wave of risk assessment instruments, those with an empirical basis to item selection and with some degree of validation.

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Conceptually, the division of items into past historicalpresent clinicaland future risk management is easy to grasp. Uses weapons or threats of death in sex offenses Those items associated with changes in recidivism were then subjected to a stepwise multiple regression to eliminate item redundancy Epperson, et al. Which items are redundant, adding little explanatory power? References Publications referenced by this paper. Predictive validity of the PCL-R. Multiple sex offense types Current test construction methods typically include an item analysis to eliminate item redundancy and determine which items are the best measures of the constructs.


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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Remember me on this computer. Substance use problems 6. Improving the clinical practice of violence risk assessment: Unfortunately, no reliability indexes are available yet for the SVR DolanAfshan Khawaja However, the validity study for one current actuarial risk assessment scale, the VRAG, found in fact a negative relationship between major mental illness and future violence Quinsey et al.

The SVR has its items biblkography into three areas: Behavioral Sciences and the Law Behav. They are intermediate level instruments, having con- current and predictive validity studies, but little item analysis.

What if we are, in fact, depriving others of their liberty based on erroneous predictions of future violence because the recent change in vocabulary from “predicting violence” to “risk assessment” cannot hide the fact that in the end we are predicting future events?

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

Assessing Risk for Violence, Version, 2. Department of the Solicitor General of Canada: Implications for practice and the education of psychologists and other mental health professionals. Negative attitude towards intervention. Technology, guidelines, and training. Past non-sexual violent offenses In the weeks preceding discharge, structured assessments of the future risk of violent behaviour were completed using the HCR Excellent narrative reviews exist in annoyated these areas, surveying and summarizing the research literature.


Beyond empirically determined accuracy and precision, one must also consider the bubliography of administering a risk assessment scale, both in time and money.

hcr 20 annotated bibliography

Also, it is unclear what rules one can use to combine the items to arrive at an assessment of risk. Past supervision failure Sexual offenses Criminal responsibility after Bill C By Corine de Ruiter and Daan van Beek. Additional studies are needed to address these questions.

The SVR may be particularly lacking in its ability to predict annotatedd molestation recidivism, given that some studies have shown child molesters wnnotated be more sexually deviant than are rapists, and rapists to be more like non-sexual criminals than are child molesters Ferguson, et al.

“HCR Violence Risk Assessment Scheme: Overview and Annotated Bibliography” by Kevin S. Douglas

In part, this is a “compared to what” issue. Skip to main content. New Jersey’s sex offender risk assessment scale: