Regarding the question in the pharmacy while off-duty , I chose to refuse to offer medical advice because I’m not a doctor. Hi to everyone on this post. Was that true when you took it? So should i just leave that? These questions address the need to interpret patient data correctly, and decide if further nursing action is required. However, for the question about the guy who wanted to meet the nurse for coffee to discuss the physician, I chose to “explain professional boundries”–not everything the patient wants is acceptable: I want to take this exam before the school I hope to attend changes their requirement.

Mar 30, by wewe Edited Jan 4, by CN adding info. In general since we are not allowed to post specific test questions on AllNurses , I would say to review:. The only part of the A2 Test that is hard is the science portion and just be glad that you do not have to take the science. Analysis of Data Addresses the need to interpret patient data correctly, and decide if further nursing action is required For this test, my results were broken down as such:

This was VERY helpful! Did you find a certain body system most asked about? You have excellent scores. So grab a textbook and refresh your memory for this subject!


hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

So I finally found out too late and there was only 1 section left open which was 10 days later. Math was a piece of cake.

What system is responsible for carrying nutrients? If you have any other questions, just let me know: Most of this section contained ratios and fractions.

Hesi A2 V 1 With Critical Thinking Exam – 865330

It’s basic stuff but its random stuff so it’s a little bit tricky. Knowing best how you learn, and whether you’re introverted or extroverted–no studying required!

Overall, I scorednot the highest, but good enough.

I take mine on wednesday!!! Any other questions let me know. Also, how in depth were the questions? Now I am stuck with no plan B.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

Hey what text book can i use for the critical thinking? My overall score was Thank you for answering! I’m not completely sure myself. Any medical abbreviations like NPO? If you have time, buy Fundamentals success: Crtiical also am not certain to what extent an off duty nurse should diagnose a stranger.

Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you…

It’s obvious from my scores that I needed more knowledge regarding Analysis of Data and Argument Analysis. They have a lot of great information on there. Thanks everyone in advance!!!!


Good luck to all future HESI testers!

Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you | The Health Science

Majority of the questions were ” allnutses sentence is grammatically correct” Math: Read a short paragraph or 2 and answer simple questions. I also got the question about the patient defecating on themselves in the bed chose to clean the patient first, and use towels underneath him until I could find clean sheets. The “just the basics” format of the Cliffs guide and the repetition of the Quizlet sets helped a lot.

I went on amazon to order it but it keep this online kit access code I don’t take my exam until December, but I really want to be prepared to ace this exam. Or sign in with one of these services. Hope this will help future test takers!