I liked him a lot. Does not give answers to test reviews. Graphing calculators and any calculators that are capable of storing alphabetic characters are prohibited on test days. Funny Voice Understands Economics. Expects you to know them already. Professor — Texas UT Economics. Behavioral Economics This course is an introduction to behavioral economics:

If time permits we will expand the discussion into the international realm and consider how a self-interested citizenry might want to interact with other nations. These are the kinds of questions microeconomists often explore. Simply reading the book or thumbing through notes is not the best study strategy. Those will be the key to making a B. An A in this class is very hard to come by unless you really have a passion for economics. This course provides an introduction to the theory of how consumers and business firms behave in the market economy.

The 1st midterm will be on October 23rd and the 2nd midterm will be November 20th. Professor — Texas UT Economics. He also has other classes that you could walk into if your schedule is a little off.

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He also has these awful Iclicker questions. The tests are pretty difficult, but there is a bell curve.

If you ask me a question that is answered here, I will simply tell you to, “Look it up in the syllabus. An “A” is worth 4.


Wayne R Hickenbottom

Some concepts you will want explained in more depth in class. Does not give answers to test reviews.

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They will help you in the long run on his exams. In the course, we will study how humans make decisions and choices, and compare this with the standard economic models of decision making. Those will be the key to making a B. It must be time stamped before 1: This will include reading assignments, homeworks and exams.

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The percentage earned is irrelevant. His tests and homework assignments consists of trick questions that are set up to confuse you with phrases like “could be” and “maybe” or “must be. The primary objective of the course is hkckenbottom study contemporary theories of the principal determinants of prices and the role of prices in economic organization.

Your worst homework score will be dropped. We will definitely cover some or all of chapters and possibly 17 if time permits. Catch me before class, after class, or send email with times that work for you. Powerpoints homeworm other lecture information will be posted prior to exams.

JP wayne hickenbottom ut wayne hickenbottom ut photos hickenbottom ut curve wayne email loc: On the day of an exam, try to bring only your writing implement and a simple calculator. Should a business hire more or fewer workers? Office hour extremely helpful. Expects you to know them already. His voice is kind of annoying and lectures are boring. Oral arguments will not be incorporated into the decision-making process.


hickenbottom ut homework

I do not necessarily expect hkckenbottom to have read the material we will cover before each class. I am VERY strict on this point. The Blackboard numbers will keep you apprised if your HW and midterm scores have been recorded correctly.

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This course will be a mixture of both Micro hickembottom Macro Economics. Because the first item of business in each class will be to go over the homework that has just been turned in, no late homework assignments will be accepted.

Concepts for measurement and data will be covered. The Final Exam will be comprehensive and held on Friday December 11th 2: