We looked for repetition and theme words and worked until we had a theme word we could stretch into a sentence reflecting Poe’s ideas. Kahoot; Chapter questions on “The Mighty” and figurative language review. Scalemaster testing all week. Practice preparing for your performance assessment – delivering your monologue. Close Reading packet – pgs. Essay about india in english.

Pay someone to write my essay. Finish graphic organizer two topics with three supporting details each from different sources. Annotate for motif your group assigned to you! Pages and ‘s 1 and 2 on both pages plus 5 on page you should just use cubic inches instead of converting on 5. Culture in a Box Day 3 – discussion day.

I conferenced with students and provided feeback on ways homeworkk improve their overall body paragraphs. If you were absent, this work must be made up. Annotate for unknown words and look them up. Lit Analysis is due Monday, May 9, by email. If you are looking for something to study or work on, the two minilessons from today–cohesion and transitions within sentence variety OR writing without bias or persuasion are two ideas.


Ms. Donna Thill

If you made up research time in class, here is a link for pathos and logos: After checking in with each group, the entire period is needed. Type on the weekend, and email to me for 20 Pirate Points. Played Map Bingo to review for test.

I might collect that. Started “Formal Debates” for topics assigned.

Example thesis statements for poetry analysis

Tangerine – read pages for tomorrow; Finish editing and revising your argument essay with the revision worksheet. Example marketing research proposal.

Henry david thoreau essays online. Macbeth ambition term papers. Essay on ways to prevent air pollution. Period 9 we will do Activity 3. Custom homeworks houston tx.

Example thesis statements for poetry analysis

Annotate Part 1 Tangerine by Friday. Underline and define the cognates. Watching the movie, Selena, all week. Hotspo worked in groups, and then we refined a class paragraph as a whole.

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Results and findings in research paper. Practiced identifying “Types of Governments” using whiteboards, created a group tower according to Government Rules, discussed and answered exit slip question. Lastly, paired students into groups to finish homework. Student annotations should focus on common threads that are presented in the novel. If you did not present your panel discussion, make sure you are ready for tomorrow.


Worked on group poster and practiced and hotsppt debate questions, quotes and facts. Work at home, as needed, to meet Friday’s deadline and avoid work over Spring Break.

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Work toward your presentation, as needed, outside of class. Presentation analysis and interpretation of data in research paper. History thesis literature review College essay brainstorming sheet. Homeworm essay in hindi.

homework hotspot plank jr high

Frozen yogurt business plan free. Literature review on reading problems. Underhand serving – steps to perform the underhand serve.

homework hotspot plank jr high

Final day to work on this project is Monday.