What recourse does an applicant have if this occurs? This is where VisaJourney was tremendously, immensely helpful. Perhaps you can ask a moderator to move this post to its own thread where people will find it. CSC returned original docs that were submitted at the time of application. I assumed they would be able all these information and compare it to make sure it matches. If you do not have the courage or knowledge to deal with them, seek help with a lawyer familiar with immigration law to assist you. Thanks for sharing Also the cat in your picture is super cute!

Do not forget that denial of your case can result in a permanent ban. Failure to do so will probably result in a denial. It seems like a lot of evidence! CSC returned original docs that were submitted at the time of application. Go To Topic Listing. We used ACCO fasteners we needed 3 for the whole package. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

Therefore, preparing a completed and detailed package with your application or answer at the outset is crucial to the success of your case. I thought I sent the best package. Send them new stuff or updated versions of what you have sent already, and mention in your transmittal that these are new or updated proof of your continued cohabitation and commingling of financial matters.

Medical Exams — A caller explained that the civil surgeon who completed the medical exam used the wrong form and then wanted to charge an indigent refugee to reprocess the paperwork on the correct form.


Ivory Records has 7751 launched his first official album last week. At this point, you may have to file an appeal or a motion to reopen the case. Most RFEs are sent in colored paper usually blue. We got very creative with some of the evidence to come up with and we actually had fun!

i 751 rfe cover letter

In my second post, I gave members the option to ask me questions as long as it pertains to my topic. Therefore, it is essential that you answer all the questions as concisely as possible and provide all the evidence requested of you at leter same time.

Auburn Hills, MI Visa type: I also include holidays cards, wedding invitation showing lehter was address on our both names. The materials, which show a merging of our personal and financial lives since marriage May 1,are organized in tab dividers for your convenience. Had we not known of VJ, we would have never, ever come up with such a list. You should remember that only an attorney can give legal advice. Back to Removing conditions I Hopefully this helps many many people!

A crucial part of filing this form is that you present evidence of your bona fide marital lettr, as your removal rte conditions is based upon your marriage. Copies of photos of us together at various events with family and friends throughout the years Exhibit P: You currently have javascript disabled.

Please help review my I cover letter

Edited by simplymaria, 01 March – Make sure you are mailing it to the right address. Note that this guide does not cover every single RFE related issue. I am writing to inform you of the attached joint I, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for my immigrant wife, insert full name of wifeand our daughter, insert full name of child.


i 751 rfe cover letter

I understand the process, been there long ago! This forum is very helpful.

Rfe Cover Letter Sample

If you do not understand all the questions or statements, please consult with a lawyer. Answer your RFEs on time. How can we help? Three original notarized affidavits attesting to the bondafide nature of our marriage Exhibit F: N Interview recommended for approval pending I Same letter I got today from California Service Center. Answers and comments provided on Visajourney. Since many utilities will only put a bill in one person’s name, some bills in one name and other bills at the same address but in the other spouse’s name serve the same purpose: A good lawyer can make a big difference for the final outcome of your case.

We married shortly after her arrival, as we had been unable to do so previously, and have remained living together happily as a family with our daughter.