Since the bottom margin is 3. There should be double spacing between items and single spacing within items. The participants responses were: However, no manual can possibly encompass all questions or issues pertaining to a thesis preparation. Title Page with coursework..

A Acknowledgement, See also Credit line Acquisitions editor, , 4, 7 Additional reading, 13 Advertising creative services manager, 6 mailings, 96 marketing plan, 3 A-head, 48 AIT designation, If external examiners are from abroad, students need not to obtain their signature or approval. Secure error-free More information. Alternatively, they can hire a good editor to proofread the final draft of their thesis. D Master s Dark Blue Black 8. Basic Formatting of a Microsoft Word. Matters of style are matters for you to decide, subject to certain minimum.

This page is counted and must be numbered as usual. Since the bottom margin is 3. Font Size Ideally the point font size is to be used. The first paragraph of a section need not be indented. A Acknowledgement, See also Credit line Acquisitions editor,4, 7 Additional reading, 13 Advertising creative services manager, 6 mailings, 96 marketing plan, 3 A-head, 48 AIT designation, Use the tab iiuum for consistency.

iium thesis manual 2011

Long headings may occupy multiple lines. Document for Word and Plagiarism in More information. All items must be appropriately labelled and bear the: Please note that the manual is not a thesis and hence does not always follow the convention of thesis writing as proposed in these pages.



Article Structure 2 III. In case of doubt, assume that the name of a person who lived in the twentieth century onwards includes a surname. The manual has also not included a section on grammar; therefore, the student is advised 20011 consult grammar books for further information.

When numbers are used together with the level headings, the space between the number and the text should also be adjusted to 8 mm.


However, tables should not be in colour. If there are brackets after the quotation mark, the comma or period is after the brackets, such as in the following example: The Title Page is counted but not numbered. Universal grammar is a property inherent in man Chomsky, Part 5 provides a detailed explanation on how to deal with in-text citations and Part 6 shows how bibliography entries should be presented.

Dalhousie Thesis Guidelines 1.

iium thesis manual 2011

If a definition extends to more than one line, the succeeding lines should be indented 12mm from the left margin. From Proposal to Defense.

Reference Style 5 I. College of Education, Health, and Human Services. The top and bottom margins for the cover page must be 6. Theses must follow these guidelines in order to be accepted at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral More information.


The NAME of the student comes under the title. If a table appears in the middle iiuk a text page, three line spacing 3. The name of the university i. Secure error-free More information. Dissertation Guidelines Department of International Relations University of Malta The following details outline the expected standards by the Department of International Relations, University.

Click on Margins and enter the parameters as suggested in the above section Top, Bottom, Left, Right margins.

Enter the full name beginning with the first name. Make use of one standard font size for all these. The table number and title are to be placed at the beginning of the table; only the table number is given in the succeeding pages, for example, “Table 2 – Continued.