Any technical queries will be referred back to the author, although the Editors reserve the right to make alterations in the text without altering the technical content. Paraoxonase and coronary heart disease. For indexing purposes, each submitted article should include five to seven keywords, preferably chosen from the Medical Subject Headings MESH. Tables should be self-explanatory and should not duplicate textual material. The guiding principle should be clarity about how and why a study was done in a particular way. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographic information.

Do NOT submit as a. The corresponding author could also suggest potential reviewers to the journal at the time of submission. Use graphs as an alternative to tables with many entries; do not duplicate data in graphs and tables. Formula and Equations Structural and chemical formula, process flow diagrams and complicated mathematical expressions should be very clearly presented. Manuscripts that do not meet the minimal requirements for English grammar and composition will be rejected immediately. The guiding principle should be clarity about how and why a study was done in a particular way. Submit articles after logging into the site using their user name and password.

ijpr cover letter

Authors must be careful when they reproduce text, tables or illustrations from other sources. A copy of the permission obtained must be submitted when required.

The appearance of advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement, implied or intended, of the product advertised or the claims made for it by the advertiser. Labels, numbers, and symbols should be clear and of uniform size.

ijpr cover letter

Check the manuscript for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. The copy of the journal will be sent to the corresponding authors only by ordinary post and soft copy of the articles will be delivered through e-mail only. Plagiarism will be viewed seriously. Editor s name, Editors. Do not repeat in illustrations; emphasize or summarize only important observations.


Institute of Medicine US. Papers with didactic orientation, bulletins and subjects of exclusively local interest will not be considered for publication.

Posthospital Home Health Care: Reports of randomized clinical trials should present information on all major study elements, including the protocol, assignment of interventions concealment of allocation to treatment groups, and the method clver masking blinding. Chapter or Article in a book Author s of Chapter Surname initials.

Personal author s Eisen HN. The lettering forfigures should be large enough to be legible after column. It is also suggested to refer to the latest issue of the journal available online.

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research – Guide for Authors

Please give direct link First time users will have to register at this site. Archives Current Issue Indexing journal Policies.

By submission of a manuscript to the journal, the authors guarantee that they eltter the authority to publish the work and that the manuscript, or one with substantially the same content, was not published previously, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors interested in preparing a commentary or review Article should provide a brief outline to the editor, requesting an invitation to submit a manuscript in one of those categories.

In particular, contributors should avoid making statements costs unless their manuscript includes economic data and analyses. Review Articles need not be divided into ijpf such as Materials and methods, Results and discussion, but should definitely have an abstract and introduction. Animal experimental procedures should be as humane as possible and the details of aesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated.


Louis, Washington University Authors can request a waiver or discount after acceptance of the manuscript.

The Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research IJPR is a peer-reviewed ijjpr pharmaceutical publication published quarterly to serve as a means for scientific information exchange in the international pharmaceutical forum. Tables with more than 10 columns and 25 rows are not acceptable.

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (IJPR) – Guide for Authors

Species names should be in italics. All authors of a manuscript must have agreed to its submission and are responsible for its content, including appropriate citations and acknowledgments, and must also have agreed that the corresponding author has the authority to act on their behalf in all matters pertaining to publication of the manuscript.

Recent Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology. Letger that do not adhere to the following instructions will be returned to the corresponding revision before undergoing peer review. All lether must be submitted on-line through the website www.

Leave one space after a comma, except in chemical names. Any information regarding the potential conflict of interests related to various aspects such as financial support by commercial firms, etc… should be disclosed in manuscripts to help clarify this issue.

IJPR would take much care in making your article published without much delay with your kind cooperation.