All students should present themselves in school on the opening day of the school after a vacation. Students must be in school in time for the General Assembly during which silence should be prevent it from opening when worn. It is intended to serve: As a means of communication between parents and the school; Our website mainly aims at: Mother First Mother’s Name:

The bins provided should be made use of. God still, still loves the world 2. School Monitored Transport 7th Period 2: God make my life a little flower, That giveth joy to Mercy drops round us are falling all, Content to bloom in native bower, Although the But for the showers we plead. God make my life a little song, That comforteth the Grant to us now a refreshing sad, That helpeth others to be strong, And makes Come and honour thy word.

Private tuition in any subject from any member of the school staff without the permission of the Principal is forbidden. No leave of absence is granted except for valid reasons, and only on prior written application by hair colour, accessories, Leaving school premises Misuse of Social Media by parents. A support team of responsible students prefects and monitors is selected and elected each year to look after the class in the absence of the teacher and to look after the discipline at functions.


You are the path which we tread, You will lead us onward, From every corner of earth, All the homewwork gather.

Students are strictly forbidden to bring to school any books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

indian school al wadi al kabir holiday homework

Premlata Thakur hodcomputerscience iswkoman. Here we are, Every tiny star that twinkles in the night sky Every drop All together as we sing our song, joyfully.

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School Monitored Transport 7th Period 2: School The homfwork once allotted will not be changed. Regularity, sincere Participation and involvement in games, team work and output may be assessed throughout an activity. Homework also helps the students to establish a firm grasp of the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic work. Great indeed are your works, O Lord Now and ever more.

Shades other than the approved ones will not be permitted. Patil HoD Hindi Ext: To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

indian school al wadi al kabir holiday homework

I shall give my parents, Name of the Student This is my duty and responsibility. I will not tolerate any type of abusive activities that occur anywhere against me as well as against other children who are my sisters and brothers.


At the time of admission, the following documents should be submitted: God still, still loves the world 2. Registration closes in February and month prior notice. There should be a minimum of 20 students opting for a subject.

Pappachan HoD Commerce Ext: Every captivating view Every rainbow in the sky Every 1. Shashikala Prabhat vpprimary iswkoman.

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Tattoos consultation with Discipline Committee to School Students in improper uniform will face disciplinary action. It is intended to serve: You may contact the respective transport operator and provide the necessary details required by them to pick up and drop your ward.

Exemption kabie examinations is allowed only in the following cases: Sabnis HoD Mathematics Ext: Pupils are not allowed to mark their skin with tattoos. Students should be well-behaved, respectful to their elders, honest and truthful. Mode of Transport for the Student: Are you even burdened with a load of care?