The accounts department is highly privileged to have top management like finance director and accountant. The company will suffer since by the time they are obliged to discuss something important they will deliberately become pig-headed. Protecting sensitive and confidential information is complying with The Data Protection Act of If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The company allows customers to pay by cheque. AAT Specially 4 Term.

It is a limited company established seven years ago by two of its controlling shareholders, Paul Farnon and Victoria Dawson. Lack of attendance time record will results in overstatement nor understating figures of hours worked since no control is to be found to record hours worked. Inventory information is operated within excel and the payroll system uses sage payroll to calculated the weekly and monthly wages and salaries. Aat Level 4 Isys Case Study: Whilst in the standby mode, any sensitive and confidential information is hidden from prying eyes, preventing fraud such as identity theft, and without the correct password, prevents any access to gain such information. This will guarantee safety in the company.

Also the use of paper has a negative impact and significantly endangers the environment.

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However, there is an increased risk that the cash or cheques may be lost or misplaced, particularly in the event of the office being in disarray, during times of low staffing levels, disruption and having to meet tight deadlines. Many studh invoices contain errors in the calculations.

This is not making the company cost effective or competitive within the industry. The SWOT analysis in appendix 2 analyses the weaknesses within the system regarding training as follows: Without funds, bills cannot be paid and the company may encounter financial difficulty. The company does not produce or provide any instruction and help guides, which employees can refer to in order to find help and advice.


This Director is entrusted to ensure that all the financial strategies, support the aims of the business and to identify opportunities in order to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings, as well as driving sustainable and profitable growth and optimising profitability and shareholder value. Although, shop employees using these computers are not allowed to upload, download or lltd any external devices, which have not been purchased or approved by the company, as per company policy instructions, issued by the Finance Director on 23rd May lfd, there is no way of monitoring this.

Inkwell also receives an incentive from the Government inkweell their involvement.

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The clean-up scheme brings members of community together, in their quest to clear the streets of refuge and litter. Terms of reference 60 words 2.

inkwell ltd case study aat

This would ensure that staff were up to date with their knowledge making them professionally competent. This will prevent misstatement of time worked thus help the company not to overstate nor understate payments to employees. cqse

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Essay on Case Study. It is of the inowell importance that the VAT forms are completed promptly and accurately and that payment is made before the deadline is reached. Appraisals have been known to improve staff morale, efficiency, motivation and job satisfaction, and can highlight any training requirements needed.

This would make the company more cost effective and competitive within the industry. The new company policy created by the Finance Director is not being complied with. Clients will casee be interested to be given professional service at any time.

inkwell ltd case study aat

The Accounts Receivable Clerk, who receives the payments, has the responsibility of banking them on a twice weekly basis. However, the Financial Director has lost interest since and no longer considers this task a point of cade anymore. If it is known to the customers that the company would not go to a debt collecting agency, then they may take advantage of this and receive goods knowingly that they could not pay so creating fraud.


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The person responsible for the issuing of these invoices is the Accounts Receivable Clerk. Join over 45, other Khan is employed part time of 20 hours a week and has once worked as Sales Ledger Clerk. The company is not ensuring that the staff are acting with professional competence. A key note speech at the International Conference Methodologies in Housing. The company may have an excessive turnover of staff, as employees resign due to the lack of future prospects inkwdll made available this can result in a decrease in the overall efficiency of the company, which can cost them dearly.

Management should also ensure the tasks are being distributed to the correct staff which will improve efficiency and performance with no costs to the company. Relationship between two parties is enhanced due to good cooperation found.

This will ensure that aims and target are met which is a good thing. These statements can be used as an effective method to highlight any overdue payments, which need to be chased.

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The company uses a paper based proof of delivery. The Retail shops use stand-alone computers which are not connected to the network.

The benefit to the company would be that they would not have to pay extra wages for re-inputting the data lost and therefore make the company more cost effective and competitive within the industry. Inkwell Ltd will always have necessary information needed by internal and external stakeholders.