Ionesco in Artaud believes that a play must include music, dance, pantomime or mimicry. In Rhinoceros, at the end of the play, the trumpeting of the rhinoceroses take on a vibrant and melodic quality. Now that being a rhinoceros is the norm, to be human, he realizes, is a monstrosity. The Meaning of Life in Ionesco’s Rhinoceros. Isidore and and Fricot both have four paws.

So more and more people converted to Nazism, or being a rhino, and even husbands and friends became rhinos. As the townspeople vow to stop the rhinos from terrorizing their streets, Berenger expresses remorse for quarreling with Jean and takes comfort in his brandy. Collective psychosis is when a large group of people all suffer from a type of mental disorder. Berenger returns home where he falls asleep and has a nightmare about the metamorphosis that has changed Jean and the others. Why is it necessary to believe the same thing that everyone else believes?

Get Discussion of “rhinoceros” by Ionesco from Amazon. The questioning of the meaning of life can be traced in the dialogues between Berenger and Jean: The play “Rhinoceros” by European writer Ionesco, talks about symbolism, metaphors, imagery and allegory, including some about Nazi Germany.

The cat has four paws. They have that mixture of candour and ferocity. Shedding his clothes, he tries to run Berenger down, but Berenger manages to escape, trapping Jean in the bathroom. Originally written as a short story published in and first performed in in Paris, France at the Odeon Theatre, Rhinoceros remains one of the most commonly produced plays Kemock 1. Rhythmic repetitions of syllabes and particular modulations of voice are advised History has shown us during the last quarter of a century that people thus transformed not only resemble rhinos, but really become rhinoceroses.


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As the play opens, Berenger, a likeable but somewhat alcoholic everyman figure, meets his friend Jean for a drink. Valentine in 56 Artaud also points out the significance of addressing not only the senses but also the mind. Discussion of “rhinoceros” by Ionesco from BookRags. Kemock in 7 Rhinoceros reflects a view that holds the universe to be ultimately meaningless, irrational, and absurd Dunson 1. He scoffs at Daisy who insists she saw it herself.

My dog has got four paws. Back to Ionesco Index.

ionesco rhinoceros essay

The narrator also forgot about many of his troubles with Jean after he drank. I thought at the time that although I was the most insignificant of creatures a terrible responsibility had befallen me, and that, somehow, I would have to do something, or rather everything. Isidore and and Fricot both have four paws.

This is just what happened in Nazi Germany, with everyone following the Nazi trend. He suggests a unique language halfway between gesture and ewsay 8. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Rhinoceros, and Other Plays. This is obviously what happened to all of the excluded Jews.


He will fight the rhinos, he declares, until the end. Here is an example of a syllogism.

Also, even best friends turn against each other in “Rhinoceros”, which was just like how even best pals turned upon their Jewish friends. Viewers must see and feel the movement, harmonies, rhythms, gestures, facial expressions and mobile eszay vividly throughout the play. Discuss symbolism, metaphors, allegory, etc.

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Rhinoceros, and Other Plays Essay | Essay

Click here to sign up. Berenger returns home where he ioneso asleep and has a nightmare about the metamorphosis that has changed Jean and the others. View the Study Pack. Moreover, subversion of conventional logic and language use and the terrorizing the audience with the energetic compression of the text and the mobile scenes are some of the elements to be found in the play.

ionesco rhinoceros essay

The two friends take sides in the argument and eventually quarrel with each other. Logical, ordered dialogue is also rejected in the first scene, and the interwoven conversations combine to give the impression of chaos Dunson 3. Rhinoceros and other Plays.